January 9, 2012

NYC–Rosselli & Co.

I was very lucky to have a lot of time to spend wandering around John Rosselli’s 18th floor showroom at the D&D Building. They were kind enough to give me free rein, and I poked into every corner and looked at nearly every fabric sample they had.

To me, spending time in a place like this is like taking a mini-course on great design. It’s a place of very few, if any missteps.

I love textures, so seeing this great looking mock croc wallpaper, similar to papers I’ve brought back from the UK, was lots of fun. And here’s the same paper in context.There were well thought out vignettes on every table, highlighting some of the beautiful pieces of blue and white china for which Rosselli is justly famous.

Dotted around the showroom were a number of beautiful carved bone boxes. This was a favourite because of the architectural drawing on the top.

Then it was on to the fabrics. Sister Parish’s line is so contemporary in both pattern and colour. In fact, Rita Konig referenced Parish’s Chou Chou in an article she did for the Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty section this past weekend.

Here are some other Parish prints.

Another print that Konig referenced was one by Carolina Irving of dandelions. Funny that it was one I also picked!

I loved this woven by Robert Kime, but at more than $1000/yard, it’s a bit out of my budget!

This rabbit print is a little friendlier, both in looks and in cost!

And I loved the old English Country House look of this great chintz.

I was intrigued with this print featuring a bold graphic along the edges of this damask pattern.

This is one of my favourite images of the day. Rolls of wallpaper stored on a windowsill in a classic blue and white jar.

After the design center, we headed to the sweetest house in Manhattan, and probably one of a very few with its own picket fence!

Coming tomorrow!


  1. John Roselli has the most incredible eye for chic furnishings, does he not?

  2. I miss living around the corner from their DC shop. The window was always a treat to pass. Thanks for sharing.

    LM Thompson

  3. LOVE that chintz. say hi to nyc for me.

  4. Meg I could spend hours and hours looking at textiles and you found some real gems!!


    Art by Karena

  5. Love the bunny paper. That's one intense looking rabbit.

  6. Hi Meg, What a day!! The little red brick house is charming, but I'm also intrigued by the house next door. I love New York. Mary

  7. Do you know where the Mock Crock Wallpaper was from? It is absolutely perfect for a project I want to work on!

  8. Unknown... the paper is actually croc-stamped leather squares.


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