January 10, 2012

NYC–Philip Colleck, Ltd.

I have to admit that I had not known about Philip Colleck, Ltd. until a few weeks ago when a friend introduced me to them, via their website. I marked it as a place I wanted to visit the next time I was in NYC, and when that opportunity suddenly arose last week, and I realized it was right around the corner from the D&D Building, I made an appointment to visit.

I ditched David for a little while and walked over to their location. It was easy to spot, because how many houses in NYC have a white picket fence?The house itself is the first special thing about Philip Colleck, Ltd. (PCLtd). It is located in midtown Manhattan in a pre-Civil War New York City landmark brick house. It even has a nice back garden, which must be wonderful in the summer.  Here’s some history.

But it’s when you enter the building that the true magic begins. Everywhere you look, there’s something amazing. I was quite taken with all of the detail work on this chair, especially the dolphins!  English c.1810

And these amazing Irish mirrors, with two rows of briolette cut glass jewels on a black and silvered ground. c.1820

And how about this guy? If he didn’t weigh a ton, and he wasn’t the owners’ mascot, David and I would have had a major tussle over who got him!

All around the gallery there were beautiful floral paintings, all done by Diana, one of the owners. I was especially taken with this one, as hyacinths are one of my favourite spring flowers. And it’s even prettier with the blue-and-white cachepot.

And chairs! I am crazy about chairs, and PCLtd. had just finished an exhibition of chairs, so there were lots to admire.

And the lighting! Wow. One of the most gorgeous pieces was a Swedish/Russian chandelier with a red glass base. The red reflected off the tips of the crystals on the lamp.
And this dining room chandelier was stunning.I can just picture this in a grand center hallway.

There were more mirrors than the Irish ones above… This Venetian one is spectacular with its green glass and the charming Diana explaining its history to us… or else talking about all of the books we both own and love!

PCLtd’s owners, Mark and Diana Jacoby were kind enough to show David and me their ground floor kitchen with the amazing trilobite counter tops. I could have looked at this all afternoon just to see the different fossils embedded in the stone.

I even loved the tile setting on the floor of their loo!

I mentioned in my first NYC post that we started and finished the day with Gracie… first at the D&D Building and last at PCLtd where Gracie papers abounded!And some detail…Thanks again to Mark and Diana for being such gracious hosts on the spur of the moment.

Philip Colleck, Ltd.
311 East 58th Street New York, NY 10022
(212) 486-7600


  1. I love the tile floor, too! The dark grout is an unexpected choice, but I think that's what makes the basketweave pattern so sharp and crisp. And don't get me started on the Gracie wallpaper. I've never met a hand-painted chinoiserie birdie paper that I didn't love. ;-)

  2. Definitely drool-worthy!

    Thanks for the heads up here- I'll definitely visit next time I am in NYC.

    I would love that tile floor in my own home. Hmmmm....

  3. Maybe its the new camera but your pictures are just incredible! Sharp and great colour, you did have good subject matter. A shame the bulldog wasn't for sale, I just loved him!

  4. What a home! Fabulous post. I could die over the wreaths in the window and the fence alone!

  5. What an unusual find this seems in downtown Manhattan. Fantastic. I notice there are no prices on their site!

  6. What a day-jealous would best describe my feelings. Thanks for sharing. Mary

  7. Oh my! What a day! I could have spent sun up to sun down in this shop alone. And that "dolphin" chair really caught my attention! I am like you about chairs!!! Love them!!!

  8. That basket weave tile pattern is often found in downtown store fronts from the 30's I think.( snapped a image of an exact installation this weekend while visiting Valdosta Georgia-- check out the Crescent House Did you know if you type in a street address on google == a little map pops up and the zip code for that address -- What an easy way to get the right zip code.

  9. Have had an Irish mirror like that on my list for YEARS and have never seen one in person. Great spot.

  10. Fab. Thanks for hauling us along (virtually) on your visit!


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