January 31, 2012

BAF Updated

First, thanks to everyone who left a comment or sent me an e-mail about the BAF logo that I created. I played around with the image a bit more and came up with this: I found an old set of architectural plans and then sampled the blues in it. I “averaged” them and came up with this old blue. With the white lines, the pattern is emphasized and the BAF25 stands out more.

We’re planning on sending a postcard to all of our members and friends (e-mail me with your address to get on the list) and decided to use a non-standard size for the card. Since the logo is square and the post card isn’t, I took the sides of the grill and added them to the original piece.top

Then I found an early 1900’s blueprint so I could see how it looked and try to approximate the style. il_fullxfull_272718595Specifically, I liked the print at the bottom, and the architect’s notes. I need to get more detailed information on what goes in these blocks, but I’ve done a little bit of thinking. font The worst part is that I can’t find a font that is similar to the one on this print, and I am getting a bit obsessive about it. Suggestions?

So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve got so far.2012 invitation GHD copyHere’s the reverse of the invitation, with more details about the party.sticker_4.5x4.5  Any and all input is greatly appreciated!


  1. I think you are fabulous and so talented!! Love your efforts for such a wonderful cause!


  2. Beautiful. The square reminds me a bit of a Moroccan tile. It's a gorgeous blue.

    Good luck with finding the right font.

    Laura Lee

  3. What William said....and I hope you find the font, too! Knowing you, it is as good as DONE!! You are just AWESOME!!

  4. I too hope you find the font. I am a stickler for consistency with spelling things out/abbreviations so I would spell out East in the address - that abbreviated "E" drives me nuts.

  5. i as the devil's advocate --is not a logo something that a company adopts to brand its image with. the 25 --is it clear the number represents a one time event-- the anniversary?? ( is this then not a logo)--try dropping the 25 and using the BAF only in the image. what about the renderings - screen the drawings at 20 percent or drop them out on the back or on the envelope

  6. I really like what you've done so far -though I do think the BAF 25 needs some work so it pops out to the reader.

    I googled Edwardian-era fonts and found these:

  7. It's lovely. I still think the BAF 25 needs to stand out more, though. It's competing with some very busy design, perhaps make it larger?

    There's no time listed for the party.

  8. I like what did with the color, but I agree that the 25BAF needs to stand out more. Is that the florescent motif that you used? Perhaps stay with white outline but go with a less busy gate rendition like the stone.
    Good luck!

  9. wow - GREAT solution -this looks fabulous!

  10. I really like your finished design. I, also, agree with others that you are very talented! Although I do not comment often enough, I enjoy, daily, your posts!

  11. Looking good Meg! Have you tried whatfontis.com it's a font identifier which may help, there are several online.
    Good luck.

  12. Or try

    at myfonts.com. Works for me every time!

    Love the latest sample!


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