January 12, 2012

PURPLE Friday!

The Fridays before Ravens games are designated as PURPLE FRIDAYS. This year, for the fourth year in a row, the Ravens are headed to the playoffs, and once again, residents of Baltimore are painting the town purple. Mostly with light, but some people do actually paint.

BBJNotre-Dame-tower-2The College of Notre Dame in Maryland

BBJ UMUniversity of Maryland, with historic Davidge Hall at the bottom.

BBJ RavensStencils on the sidewalks around the city.

City HallBaltimore’s City Hall

I am furiously sewing some cashmere scarves with old black and purple sweaters to sell at a friend’s shop. I miss living downtown at times like this, when the whole city is lit up. Click here for pictures from two years ago, when some of the buildings around the harbour spelled out GO RAVENS. And if you look at the same date last year, I wrote about the EXACT.SAME.THING!

The game’s on Sunday and we’re all wishing for a huge Raven’s VICTORY!


  1. Towsonn Courthouse should be lit soon

  2. GO TEXANS!!! We should have one of those crazy mayor's bets going.

  3. Don't tell the Redskins but I am both a Lions and a Raven's fan.

    Best games we watched all season usually involved the Ravens and dare I saw the Steelers. Mwahahaha!

    We'll be rooting!

    xo Jane

  4. Of course I love purple! Go Ravens!

  5. Must be NICE to have a favorite team in the playoffs......just sayin'....

  6. Hi Meg,

    It was so nice to meet you today! It's not every day I run into a famous blogger so it was definitely a pleasure!

    Go Ravens!


  7. Will Connor be purple?

  8. Pretty pics! Don't get a cramp in your wrist!!!! Happy weekend!

  9. I don't root for one team... I find that any game with large, muscular men running around in tight pants is equally enjoyable!


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