January 25, 2012

Romantic Holiday Getaways???

I was reading the Guardian this evening and spotted a feature on romantic holiday getaways for the Valentine’s holiday. Now, why is it that all of the “romantic holidays” are always stuck somewhere in the country?

This house is in Carmarthenshire in Wales in the village(?) of Manal. Now, I know Wales, and can tell you from experience that a house like this is not easy to get to. You start on a main road, then go to a two lane road, narrowing to a one-lane road, and then generally some sort of cart path, then a narrow track and then another mile or so until you reach the house. Generally, this is done after dark, to make it more fun.manal-exterior-019And since you’re in Wales, you’re going around and around round-abouts, looking for places that have no vowels, like Cym or Ebbw Vale, or Pwll. Do you think you’re going to be in the mood for romance once you arrive?

This one’s in a slightly better neighbourhood – Cambridgeshire.Ellis-Miller-5lg But it looks like you’d been sleeping the weekend away in someone’s carport. No California Case Study houses for me, especially ones transported to Blighty!

This might be fun… it’s called The Piece of Cheese, and is the only three-sided house in England. It was built for a £5 bet in 1871.piece-of-cheese-007I can imagine that the furniture placement’s got to be a lot of work!

This is kind of fun… it’s a converted boathouse in the Lake District.boathouse-ullswater-ext-017Of course, this might be a little more fun in the middle of July, rather than the middle of February. boathouse-ullswater-016

For me? I’d like a swank hotel,in a city full of hustle and bustle, great places to see art, shop and eat out! What about you?


  1. Yes, give me a city, but in February it would have to be a warm city like Buenos Aires for this island girl

  2. I'm with you, Meg. But then I've been married for a long...time. Your post is timely, though. I'm a travel agent and have just been asked to find B&B's in Wales for 2 weeks, 8 people. I'll be sure to ask about the roads (?) leading to the B&B's I find!

  3. I'll take the country house in Wales, but I'd prefer to be in the highlands of Scotland. I find rugged surroundings, contrary weather and a working fireplace to be the perfect fuel for hot romance! Then again, I married a piper!

  4. meg I do love the last image, it looks to be very comfortable and a nice view.

    No I don't want to spend half of the trip trying to find the location and then being stuck without provisions!

    Art by Karena

  5. In the dead of winter I want to be in the city as well. Preferably one with 24 hour room service and plenty of backup generators.

  6. In February, I'd rather head to the Mediterranean for the romantic getaway, but I'd love the boathouse or welsh cottage another time. London is wonderful, but I tend to lose friends because I spend too much time doing what I want to do, and not enough with them, so not romantic exactly.

  7. I'm with you -- especially if it's a historic, romantic city like Paris. Wish I was going to Paris for Valentine's Day... *SIGH* :-(

  8. The converted boathouse with a few of my best friends, lots of wine and lots of laughter! Definitely!

  9. I would probably head for a B&B over a pub with a good fireplace in an interesting market town. I love anywhere with a balcony and water but, as you say, best in winter.

  10. I keep telling everyone you're NOT poor!!!! Just fat and homely is all!! :-)


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