August 16, 2018

Baltimore Buildings

I have been so busy getting ready for my Pigtown Pop-Up as well as assembling slides for a lecture I am giving in October, and up-dating my iPhone Photography class, which is also in October. My October lecture is on Baltimore’s Hidden Treasures, those buildings that are off of the main roads, and which are not generally known. image

I have had to do a lot of research on many of the buildings I’ve found in my travels, and that’s been very time consuming. But at the same time, it’s been fascinating to uncover the stories of the buildings.

St. Mary’s Church, the oldest Gothic Building in America.image

St. Mary’s outgrew its downtown location and built this massive seminary building.imageCouncil Grove Pavilion at Druid Hill Parkimage

The Mansion House at Druid Hill Parkimage

The Green Building, just the most charming building.image

Baltimore is just filled with amazing structures. image

We actually have several octagon-shaped buildings.image

The Hans Schuler School of Fine Arts. image

John Russell Pope’s University Baptist Churchimage

St. Michael’s Ukranian Church, built in the 1980’s.image

The Vernon Water Plant. I love this building.image

Moorish Tower overlooking the City.image

This building, Furness House, has its twin in London.image

The Warden’s House, circa 1850image

As soon as the details are available, I will be posting them in the side bar.