November 22, 2016

Think & Thank

When I was in the UK in March, I spotted a beautiful memorial window at the Chester Cathedral. T&TIt was in the cloistered area of the church, which would not originally have had glass windows. But clearly, after the First World War, when so many young men in the UK were lost to war, families installed windows in memory of their loved ones.

This phrase really struck me, and I have been trying to live according to it: Think about others in what I do, and Thank those who do things for me. And, I might add, be thankful for all that I have. In comparison to some people, I don’t have much, but in comparison to many people I have very much. think and thank

So, I am thankful for all I have, my good life, great friends, a loving family, a safe place to live, a job that I love, volunteer work that keeps me fulfilled, a little dog who makes me laugh, interests that keep me busy and readers who follow my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you love.

November 17, 2016


So, I saw someone whose dog had more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, so I decided that I’d go for world domination and get Figue her own Instagram account: Figue_the_Pup! image

As much as I loved Connor, Figue is entirely different.image She’s funny and bouncyimage and has a ton of personality. imageThe fact that she can come and curl up on my lap,image or sit on my shoulderimage makes her a lot more cuddly than Connor. I hope you will follow along on her adventures! Click here to keep up to date with Figue!

November 10, 2016

Shameless Self Promotion: Tea Towels

I have had a lot of requests for my tea towels, especially since they make great presents for the holidays. maryland crabBut since the company that prints them is getting busy and the lead time is growing, I need to have any orders in by November 20th. forks on chalkboard

I have added a lot of new designs, and can do custom designs for you, as well.Sows I have added the entire catalogue to Google Drive, where you can see it. Click towel is designed to hang over the oven handle)

All of the ordering information is in the catalogue, or you can check my Etsy page for some of the designs and lots of other great gift ideas. Thanks!

November 9, 2016

Instagram: Some Pretty Things

The past few days have been bruising to some of us, and overwhelming for many others. So, I thought I’d post some pretty things from a range of sources.

Who is leading whom? Figue is leading her cousin, Phoebe. Or is Phoebe walking Figue.image

Jill Andrews designs and makes custom gowns. I had a chance to stop by her atelier recently.image

The last of the dahlias. Gave this arrangement to a friend whose mother died.image

I love the colour of this antique patchwork quilt.image

The portico of one of my favourite Baltimore buildings, the McKim Free School.image

I finally found a copy of the book, This Petty Pace, by Mary Petty. I adore her work.image

As part of an auction lot, I got this huge bunch of pheasant feathers. image

Figue wanted to let you know that she did her civic duty.image

Take care!

November 3, 2016

The Kennedy Mystique Continues

Although it’s been nearly 60 years since John F. Kennedy died, and more than 20 years since Jackie Kennedy died, there’s still such a mystique about them and their lives.

Potomack Auctions, in Alexandria, Virginia is aucitoning some Kennedy pieces, complete with impeccable provenance, this weekend. Let’s take a look.

Set of two lanterns from the Kennedy’s Georgetown house on N Street.  imageimage

Deed to the house in Georgetown, signed by both Kennedysimage

Brass Chandelier/Hall Lantern from the Georgetown House.image

Letter to the new owner of the house, asking for the return of the lantern.image

Reply to the owner’s letter from JBKOimage

Garden fountain from the Georgetown Houseimage

Bottle of “Jacqueline” signature perfume, which JBKO thought was in bad taste.image

French Provincial bedstand from Glen Ora, Virginia Kennedy retreatimage

Louis XV Commode from JBKO’s bedroom at Glen Oraimage

Napoleon III Ebonized and Brass Table from Glen Oraimage

Small French coffeepot, marked and with a turned wood handle, from Glen Oraimage

Three George III English silver pieces, from Glen Oraimage

For more details about the auction, or to place a bid, contact Potomack Auctions.

November 1, 2016

Marcia, The Friendly Ghost

Have I told you that we have a ghost in our offices? Her name is Marcia Crocker Noyes and she worked for us for 50 years and lived in a penthouse apartment in our building!Marcia-crocker-noyes4

She was quite extraordinary, starting as our librarian in her early 20’s, and working for us until she died in her 70’s. Marcia took our medical library from a sloppy and outdated collection of about 5,000 books to a top medical library of 65,000 volumes of medical books and journals, including some of the most valuable anatomy books in existance.

Her influence is still felt today in the legacy she left as one of the four founders of the Medical Library Association, where the highest award is given in her name. Halloween 2016

On Wednesday, November 2, which is All Soul’s Day, we’re giving a lecture on Marcia’s life, featuring the Academic, the Ethereal and the Artistic. You can get more details here.