November 9, 2016

Instagram: Some Pretty Things

The past few days have been bruising to some of us, and overwhelming for many others. So, I thought I’d post some pretty things from a range of sources.

Who is leading whom? Figue is leading her cousin, Phoebe. Or is Phoebe walking Figue.image

Jill Andrews designs and makes custom gowns. I had a chance to stop by her atelier recently.image

The last of the dahlias. Gave this arrangement to a friend whose mother died.image

I love the colour of this antique patchwork quilt.image

The portico of one of my favourite Baltimore buildings, the McKim Free School.image

I finally found a copy of the book, This Petty Pace, by Mary Petty. I adore her work.image

As part of an auction lot, I got this huge bunch of pheasant feathers. image

Figue wanted to let you know that she did her civic duty.image

Take care!


  1. Hello Meg, I got to know Mary Petty's unique drawings through the book "Goodbye, Mr. Chippendale" (which read, if anybody hasn't--lots of laughs, sometimes with, sometimes at famous designer Robsjohn-Gibbings), and became an instant fan of Petty's work. I have a copy of "This Petty Pace" here in Taiwan, a reading copy only, since the cover is in poor shape.

  2. That is one gorgeous quilt with its handsome saffron color and pattern, and could possibly be my favorite quilt I've ever soon. Just lovely!

  3. Once again you have changed the topic and added beauty for the eye. Thank you.


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