December 30, 2013

A Year in Dog!

I know that some people don’t really like it when I post about Connor, so if you’re one of those, just click onto the next blog and come back tomorrow!

Connor’s about 13-ish now, so I feel that there aren’t many years left for me to have him around. He’s been a great companion over the seven years I’ve had him, although he’s caused his fair share of trouble, and yes, damage!

So I thought I’d give you a year of Connor, and you can choose which is your favourite image. I know which one mine will be!

In January, our friends Wendy and Ellie (a golden retriever) came to stay with us and Ellie ate Connor’s toys. Not really a problem, since Connor’s only interested in one or two of them, which we kept away from Ellie.2013-01-24_11-22-41_866

Connor loves to lie on his back. None of my/our other dogs have done this. He also likes to be against things, which I guess makes him feel more secure.IMG_6063

March brought a late-winter snowfall, and Connor loved playing in it.IMG_6954

Connor also loves to be under things.

I’ve noticed that Connor sleeps much of the time now, and he especially likes to sleep outside.

Connor tries out the little settee that I bought at auction. I think this is the first and last time he got on it.

Connor’s got beautiful deep black eyes. I look at him sometimes, and hope that he’s happy.

I think that Connor’s always happy when the cooler weather arrives. He’s a double-coated lab, so he’s got tons of hair!

And he loves his pigs. He’s got a few. Yes, I know that the wall’s dirty. Dog footprints don’t help.

Connor’s modeling the beautiful Fortuny dog collar our friend Becky Vizard made for him!

A hotspot in November, the time this usually happens, made me put the Cone of Shame on Connor. Pitiful, isn’t he?

More snow! An intense snowfall that lasted two hours, but dumped about six inches on us!2013-12-08_16-19-20_95

And of course, our Christmas card pictures. Completely disinterested. A total disaster.

He’s happiest with his baby and me close by and is living out his golden years quietly.








Thanks for indulging me!

2013: Year in Review

The past week, and indeed, the past year has just passed in the blink of an eye. As I look through the posts of the 2013, I find that I’ve forgotten way more than I remembered! But it was a great year overall.

The year started off with a quick trip to NYC with pal David to go to the launch of Scalamandre’s new line of china. It also gave us a chance to do some shopping in some great stores, including the perennial favourite, John Derian.

Early February we had a high note here in Baltimore with the Ravens’ win in the Super Bowl, and the whole city being filled with much excitement and many purple lights!2013-01-20_14-04-14_718

Another quick trip to NYC in March to hear Mitch Owens’ talk on Ruby Ross Wood,NYC 1 (24) and to take a print to be framed at J. Pocker (more on that shortly).

I started a new job in April that combines my fundraising expertise with my love of history.

In April, I also attended the Spring High Point Furniture Market and saw loads of brilliant pieces and met lots of fun people!

In May, I headed to upstate New York to spend the weekend with fellow blogger, Reggie Darling, and to attend the Trade Secrets Show in Connecticut.

June brought the beginning of auction and yard sale season, and I managed to corner the market on blue and white china!

In July, I showed you a very personalized present I made for some dear friends.for tks2 copy

I also welcomed some friends to Baltimore and took them on a tour to show them that “Baltimore’s NOT Just the Wire!”, a recurring theme here!greenmount

August brought a bountiful harvest of peaches and figs, and combined with bourbon, I made several batches of jam and preserves!
image image

In September, I featured Bunny Mellon’s NYC house that was on the market and got loads of comments, as it’s quite an amazing place!image

October brought another trip to High Point, and more amazing furniture!

October also brought one of my favourite stories – the Cheapside Hoard, a treasure trove of jewelry that was discovered after being buried for more than 400 years. ‘This image may be reproduced free of charge if used in editorials that promote or review the  Museum of London exhibition ‘Cheapside Hoard, London’s Lost Jewells’ 2014. All images must be credited.
All other uses must be cleared with the Museum of London.’

November brought a quick trip to Philadelphia and all that center city had to offer, and it also began my new caramel-making project!

And December was filled with preparations for the holidays, including a visit to The Christmas House!

It’s just amazing how quickly this year has passed and I look forward to sharing another year with you!

December 22, 2013

Creating Our Card

As you might remember from last year, I like to feature Connor in my Christmas card. He’s much cuter than I am! He was totally non-cooperative and wouldn’t look at me or the camera.

I finally managed to get a decent shot though.

This year’s photoshoot was no different. He refused to look at me, despite the biscuit in my hand.

He even got up and walked away, trailing the lights behind him. Luckily, it was a very long strand of lights!

So I tried again today, and got only slightly better results. I could have called this one “All is Calm, All is Bright”.

Half of the lights on the strand were suddenly out. And of course, his eyes were closed.Decidedly not looking at the camera and all the plugs show… as does the dog hair on his favourite rug, which he drags around.

At last, and with a little judicious photoshopping, I got a good picture where he looks somewhat angelic.

December 20, 2013

The Christmas House 2013 Edition

My friend Andrea is a brilliant designer – she owns and creates the wonderful Bosom Buddy Bags that I adore – and she’s a generous spirit! She is always thinking about what she can design, decorate, create and craft (in the good sense of the word) and I’ve adored her for more than 3/4 of my life!

So when she said she wanted to have a Christmas Open House to show everyone her amazing Christmas Tree collection, and suggested that she might want it to be a benefit, I piped up that I am on the Development Board of the Maryland SPCA. Since she and I both have rescue dogs, that was a perfect fit.

The party was perfect and lots of friends and neighbours came to celebrate the season. I arrived early so I could get some photos before the crowd arrived. From about a block away, I could see the red hat of the snowman in her yard. snowmanIf you know this area, the fact that he’s there at all is pretty funny!

I was greeted with one of Andrea’s gorgeous wreaths (top image) and as I entered the house, I just gasped in amazement!There were wonderful decorations everywhere, and while there’s a lot, it is so beautifully done, that it’s fun! We assigned a child the task of counting Christmas trees, and he finally stopped at 211, although Andrea thinks that there are more.

The dining room was just beautiful, with a huge tree as the centerpiece.

One of the fun things Andrea did was to have a candy bar for the children who were coming.

This is my young friend Jansen when he saw the huge bowl of Gummy Bears!

Andrea, who also does floral design, had made a number of bouquets that were scattered around the house. This one’s red carnations and some red balls.

This is hot pink and dark red carnations with pink matte and shiny balls.

This stunner is roses, carnations, dried flowers and hypericum berries.

And this is peppermint stick carnations!

There are dozens and dozens of flowers in each arrangement!

And then there were the trees – from large to small – each conveyed the spirit of the season.

There is colour everywhere, and so much to see!

At the end of the evening, Andrea’s two rescued dogs, Scholtz and Buddy had to check out the goodies everyone had brought to donate to the SPCA.

Actually, Buddy doesn’t seem too interested.

Thanks to Andrea for opening her house, sharing her creativity and being so generous! She’s the BEST!