December 19, 2013

Ice, Ice Baby!

I came across a story about someone who built an igloo, so I thought I’d share the pix with you (and it’s late and I don’t have anything to post – too busy getting ready for things!).


It was built with coloured water, frozen into ice in milk cartons!image

The family lives in Canada and needed a project for someone staying with them. image

Read the full story here.


  1. Hi Meg, Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat.......xoxo

  2. Dear Miss Meggie: This is great! A wonderful idea for the next lengthy cold spell - I can send my 7 yr old & her friends out in the yard with a project to fill milk cartons with colored water -- that should take a while & expend some energy....And then the next day, they can return to build their igloo -- that will take more time & energy.

    So let's see....The kids have a projec they should enjoy; the mess will be all outside; and mommy gets a couple hours to herself two days in a row.....Win/Win for All!!

    -- Miss M.A.

  3. wonderful result + story. Christmas is almost here.


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