December 9, 2013

V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition

I just read that the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, which happens to be about my No. 1 museum, is having an exhibition of wedding dresses through the ages. White wedding dresses are a fairly recent tradition, started by Queen Victoria in the 19th century. I am sure that like every other special exhibition I’ve seen at the V&A, this one will be amazing.

Pale grey slashed chiffon wedding dress and veil designed by Gareth Pugh, 2011image

Embroidered corded silk wedding dress made after a Paquin, Lalanne et Cie Paris model by Stern Brothers, New York, 1890image

Silk satin wedding dress designed by Charles James, London, 1934 – worn by Barbara 'Baba' Beaton for her marriage to Alec Hambroimage

Silk brocade gown and petticoat, silk covered straw hat and silk satin shoes, 1780image

Silk and leather 'tango' shoes bought from Peter Robinson Ltd of London in 1914image

Embroidered silk coat and silk dress designed by Anna Valentine, Hat by Philip Treacy.
I am still not sure what I think of her dress & coat.

Do you have a favourite historic wedding dress?


  1. Although Camilla's wedding dress will never be my favorite, it is appropriate for a middle aged bride. I love the gown Grace Kelly wore or Lady Mary's dress on Downton Abbey.

  2. Grace Kelly and princess Margaret had good ones

  3. Loved Camilla's wedding garb and thought they both looked wonderful, as well they should. Kate's dress lacked personality, much like the bride herself.

  4. I'm generally not very interested in weddings, for many reasons, but this looks most interesting. I especially love that historically dresses weren't all BORING white. Hopefully this exhibit will bring about a world of interesting design to the current bland wedding industry. If I have to go to one more boring white wedding that all look exactly the same with no personality i'll scream.

  5. I agree with architectdesign not another white dress(I know they are traditional)I know this exhibit will give them some new ideas.

  6. I thought Camilla's outfit (and Charles' come to that) was just perfect for an older - and second time around - wedding. She looks elegant, and it reflects her status and personality. And the style flatters, shall we say, a thickening figure. Just to set the record straight, I'm not a royalist, nor a republican, just commenting on a particular wedding dress.

    I would love to see the exhibitionpersonally, but thanks for the taster.


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