December 17, 2013

Connor: The Cookie Version

I was in Williams-Sonoma the other week – most unfortunately, it’s only a mile down the road from my house, so when I need a kitchen accoutrement, I can just zip down there. Anyway, I found the BEST cookie cutter!

Of course, I had to get it! image

My friend Andrea is having an open house to show off her amazing Christmas decorations (click here for last year)image

and she’s asked everyone to bring a donation to the Maryland SPCA, where I serve on the Development Committee. Once we’d sorted some details, I knew that I had to make dog cookies!

Baking is not my forte, and I am especially bad at decorating cookies, but I took one for the team, and made a batch of cookies. From a mix. From Trader Joe’s. I did have to add butter and eggs, so it wasn’t entirely from the box.

And the cookies are YELLOW(ish), just like Connor!

I think I might pipe some red collars on them, and maybe a white eye and an outline of the ear, but that might be too much work.

I have a great trick for when you’re rolling out dough – you can flour the surface by using a tea-infuser. And by that I mean a spoon with holes in it for making tea. imageJust scoop up some flour in the spoon and shake it above your surface to give it a light dusting. It works perfectly and doesn’t deaden the dough with too much flour.

The cookie mix said it made 2-3 dozen, but that must have been tiny little cookies, not big yellow labs!

If you’re in Baltimore and you’re interested in attending the open house and supporting the Maryland SPCA, pop me an e-mail and I will give you the details.


  1. Can we have a Connor update? Love that boy.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. love these cookies.


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