December 10, 2013

Snow Day

Having a snow day is a great bonus – totally unexpected and lots of fun. We got another dump of snow overnight and so everything ground to a halt.IMG_20131210_095751

After doing some more work on the infamous cashmere blanket, 2013-12-10_11-34-38_347

I started going stir-crazy and took a drive into the country 12-9 (15)to take some pictures of my friends’ red barn in the snow. The now was very wet and heavy, so it was perfect for taking pictures because the snow clung to each and every branch.

I played around with different filters and settings and each picture looks a bit different. 12-9 (2)

12-9 (20)


As I headed back into the city, the sky darkened and it began to snow again, but just briefly.2013-12-10 (19)

2013-12-10 (20)

The temperatures are going to drop into the teens and 20’s for the rest of the week, so I need to get moving to finish the blanket!


  1. It managed to "drop down" to 32* for a couple of nights here in LA.........but teens and 20's? Keep warm and safe.....can't wait to see the infamous blanket. xoxo

    1. It's going to be bitter cold here this week, and maybe some snow at the weekend.

  2. talked to a friend in Bethesda MD she got snow also + stay warm.


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