December 4, 2013

Christmas Decorations, Redux

About two years ago, I posted some images from two friends’ house in Baltimore and I thought I’d share them again, just to get you in the holiday spirit… and to show you that too much is just right!

I’ve adopted the practice of filling a Revere bowl with beautiful glass and other ornamentsdec_11_halcyon3[6]

Jonathan is an amazing gardener and grew all of the amaryllis from bulbs, and timed them to bloom right at Christmas. They tuck in magnolia leaves from a tree on their property. dec_11_halcyon2[3]

More amaryllis and some cyclamen brighten the front hall.dec_11_halcyon4[3]

I love that they place the tree in front of a window in the sunroom, so it can be enjoyed from all angles!dec_11_halcyon6[3]

Even though there are loads of ornaments, the tree is pretty simple.dec_11_halcyon8[3]

Many late evening conversations in this cozy room, generally filled with dogs and people. The BEST!dec_11_halcyon7[3]

The wood paneled walls just glow in the candlelight and have the most beautiful patina. dec_11_halcyon9[3]

I completely admire people who take the time to decorate for the holidays. I put lights and balls on my big indoor gardenia, and put a wreath and some lights on the front door, but nothing like this! Maybe next year!

Photographed by Erik Kvalsvik


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and so tasteful! I am not decorating this ear due to renos but I will hang a wreath somewhere perhaps on the banisters?

  2. It warms my cockles that people actually live like this. :)

  3. Meg I love the simple elegance of a beautiful bowl filled with ornaments!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. these are wonderful photos + great post. Merry

  5. Michele from BostonDecember 5, 2013 at 4:34 PM

    Absolutely wonderful, Meg! You're so right - I feel inspired now. Even on a dark and rainy day like today.
    Thank you!

  6. I love love love decorating for Christmas! Though it's too soon in my book to get the tree yet, because in my experience it just gets too dried out by then, no matter how much I water it. (And several times over the years, I've been sitting upstairs and heard a loud crash down below -- yep, the tree has fallen.) I usually wait until ten days to two weeks before Christmas.

    I also love hanging live greens across the door jambs, banisters, and on the mantels.

    (And whoa do I love that sofa -- ya think Halcyon House will let me borrow it?!)

  7. Meg, thank you for showing your readers the Christmas decorations again. I was not a reader the last time around. Love this blog. Do not have a blog but love Pigtown...
    Becky in South Georgia


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