January 2, 2012

My Friend, Flippa!

I’ve written about my dear friend Flippa a few times, because she’s such a great gal, with a great home that everyone raves about, a dear husband and the most adorable and charming daughter.

About a year ago, I wrote about her bathroom renovation, (click here to read about it)flip2

which many people raved about. Phillipa 014[2]And Flip’s unerring eye for creating gorgeous scenes like the one above, and the kitchen, below.flip3She’s also got a beautiful blog called The Caledonian Mining Expedition Company, which you should visit.

Flip’s an actress and she’s in a small video produced for Live Baltimore, a Baltimore PR group which encourages people to live in Baltimore, and where I worked briefly.

I love this piece because it shows Flip’s great house, as well as scenes of Baltimore including a visit to Housewerks Salvage, owned by a great mutual friend of Flip’s and mine. Take a few minutes and watch it. I know you’ll love it.

This is my friend, Flippa!


  1. Meg, This is a great piece and is great inspiration for the Paducah artists who have relocated here. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Flippa. Great house and great lady!


  2. I'm insane about the chair. What is the story behind it?

    Just added her blog to my favorites list.

  3. Hi Meg--She's fantastic. I love the colors Flippa has chosen for the house; she definitely has "the eye". Mary

  4. Thank you for sharing. Grand peak at Flippa's home. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  5. This is fantastic. I particularly like the portrait of Lenin in the dining room.

  6. Great friends who are talented too are rare gems! Happy New Year,

  7. Wonderful: video, friend and subject! This was a real treat, just when I needed one this evening...thanks Meg.

  8. I think I could just sit and listen to her talk for hours... 8-)

  9. Over the top gorgeous home. Love the stair hall and moldings and sliding doors. She's got a great eye.

  10. Even her voice is marvelous!
    Love getting to know you and your friends on this most favorite of blogs :)
    Happy New year!


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