January 3, 2012

The Shops: Gore Dean

I do love Gore Dean, and I hadn’t been by there for ages, even though it’s only about a mile up the Falls Road from me. So when I went to the local outpost of Williams-Sonoma on New Year’s Eve to pick up some fun cooking tools, I popped in to Gore Dean.

Gore Dean (5)One of the things that Gore Dean does beautifully is Chinoiserie. I saw this lovely little painting that Spider, Deb Gore Dean’s husband who manages the store, was about to hang.Gore Dean (6)

Then I turned around and spotted this group of plates. They’re the same colours as some Coalport china that I have. Love the blue, gold and orange. Gore Dean (1)

I spied this great-looking chair, and Spider told me that it came from the writer, Dominic Dunne. Gore Dean (13)If you’re a fan of Dunne’s writings, here’s a chance to own a piece of his history. The detailing on the chair is great. Gore Dean (12)

One of my new year’s resolutions is to keep my desk a little more tidy, especially the one at the office.Gore Dean (16) I think these pebble-grain leather pieces would look fabulous, don’t you?

Although my driving record, both here and in the UK, is SPOTLESS, I think that several people I know could benefit from this little tome.Gore Dean (20)The book would be a great conversation piece, regardless of who it was given to.

You know, this is the year of the Dragon. Gore Dean (21)So these plates would be a perfect accompaniment to some dim sum at a Chinese New Year dinner.

I love that the lighting at Gore Dean ranges from the completely traditional wall sconcesGore Dean (38)to these up-to-the-moment pendant lamps in the most au courant shade of orange.Gore Dean (39)

Finally, who could resist these cheeky monkeys? Gore Dean (40)

Gore Dean

5100 Falls Road  88 Village Square
Baltimore, Maryland 21210


1673 Wisconsin Avenue
Washington, DC 20007


441 Canal Street
Stamford, CT 06902-5910


  1. I've just saved that desk set photo as a crafty gift idea. Love the chinoserie picture! (that's how google seems to spell it, I was sure it had two 'n's...)

  2. I love chinoiserie (Japonisme) is all of its many forms--but I hope you walked away with those plates! So hard to find a set like that. D.D.--not a real fan, but the chair is a true classic--it would fit anywhere. Have a great day! Mary

  3. I wish I lived a little closer. I love Chinoiserie anything and the plates are gorgeous.

  4. The prices at Gore Dean are HYSTERICALLY FUNNY! If you're going to attack -- even in good fun -- the kids at OKL, then please don't hold your fire when it comes to your very own local con-artists! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :-)

  5. So Gore Dean bought the Dunne Armchair from Dunne's estate sale at Stair Galleries Auctions for under $300 and are now flipping it for $1300! OKL would be so proud! LOLLLLL

  6. When they were based in DC, I went in a few times. (In those days, they were primarily "antiques," and not so much of a gift shop as they later became.)

    The quality and authenticity of many of the pieces was always in question, and then, as now, the prices were ridiculous. I doubt very many people wind up paying those prices -- unless they've been sold on something by a decorator who gets it for half the tag price (or less).

    P.S. I've known Debbie and Spider since the eighties.

  7. Oh my! I am loving that picture! Probably a good thing I don't live anywhere near them. Loved all the plates and think the dragon plates would have come home with me. And with my chair issues I don't even have to say anything about D.D.'s chair!

  8. Went to the DC shop, years ago-now need to get to the shop in Baltimore. So happy to see you are featuring local shops. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  9. Love a great treasure! Thanks for sharing your finds!


  10. Just read the Baltimore Sun edition today, lead paint poisonings in housing projects, Children are still eating paint fakes?? residents are sanding old paint to repaint the projects?? What gives ?? also watched a frightening video of hooded gun brandishing would be robbers who don't understand English but think their lead poisoning will get the message across. What a country is this gang hazing>>

  11. A fabulous shop Meg I love it all. That chair from Dominic would really be a treasure!

    Art by Karena

  12. I agree with the "OKL" postings above on the pricing...it is absolutely way out of line and frankly I don't see how they can stay in business. While a reader of this comment may say they obviously are in business and I don't know what I am talking about let me put it another way...after two visits and two hits of extreme sticker shock for one won't go back even to window shop - even if I am shopping at Fresh Fields anyway. That said - please do continue to highlight local shops - I'd be interested to see if there are any I have missed!

  13. I didn't know it was the Year of the Dragon! And here I've been working on a quilt for my son using several Asian dragon patterned fabrics. I'm "with it" by accident, I guess!

    If I lived anywhere near Baltimore, I'd have to stop reading your blog because every time you go shopping and post pictures I want to buy everything you write about. Driving for women? My sister needs that! I need the gorgeous blue and reddish-orange plates and that chair.

    Happy New Year!


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