November 13, 2011

The Shops: Trohv

trove [trohv] noun
1. a collection of objects.

2. a great local store!

Trohv is one of the fun shops on a street a few blocks from where I live, and it is indeed a treasure trove of fun items for the house. trohv28They are quirky without being too far out and have such a wide range of things that it’s hard to leave there empty-handed. A couple of people from the staff went up to Brimfield for a buying trip in September and came back with some unique items. trohv4

But for now, they’re gearing up for the holidays and when you enter the store, you see that they’ve prepped well!

Lots of fun food and candy,trohv1beautiful balls for hanging on the tree, trohv3elves and santas, trohv6winter scenes, trohv9and local interest items.trohv12

They have a collection of stuffed animals,trohv15of all types,trohv10including this dog, who may replace Connor if he’s not good!trohv14

I had to laugh at their collection of wood-grained items, especially this wrapping paper, trohv7and these cookie cutters!trohv21

Trohv also has a great selection of books, such as this Liberty of London sewing book, which had some great ideas, trohv13and a personal favourite, Mary Randolph Carter’s For the Love of Old.trohv19

Trohv has locations in Hampden in Baltimore and in Takoma Park on the Maryland/Washington, DC border.


  1. A great shop in deed. A must stop in Hampden after lunch at the The Golden West Cafe.


  2. I love this store! I was actually going to do a post on them soon! hope al is well. thank you for the great suggestions :)

  3. natalie...funnily, when i was there, another blogger (!) was just leaving.

  4. Lisa... have you been to the one in Takoma Park? Ben from Housewerks made a lot of the fixtures in there.

  5. Looks like a great store - ooooh, I'm all excited for Christmas, don't get me started :-)


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