November 2, 2011

Fyne by Me!

When I lived in the UK, I attended a conference in Edinburgh and then went on a two-day wander through Scotland with my boss who was Scottish. It was then that I saw the northern lights. But another highlight of the trip was stopping one afternoon for oysters and champagne at the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar on the banks of this famous Scottish loch. You can see it tucked between the hills and the loch below.fyne5 When I saw this house for sale along the loch’s edge, I thought it would be a “fine” place to live!fyne2 It’s got a boat house and a mooring for your sailboat. And although the interior of the house is not very special, the views will more than make up for any failings.fyne1I am used to our salty, briny Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean oysters, but sitting, sipping vintage champagne and eating delicious oysters, caught just yards from our perch, couldn’t be beat!


  1. I'll be your first visitor - love it!

  2. Sent this on to a client in UK...wouldn't it be fine if they bought here, then we could go for a wee visit.


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