November 25, 2011

Going to the Dogs!

Connor’s best friend, Halas, spent Thanksgiving with us, and along with lots of walks, romps in the back yard and general snuffling around, there was the obligatory wrestling match.

It’s so funny to see Connor and Halas wrestling, because it mainly consists of Halas beating up on Connor and Connor sneezing on Halas. We think that sneezing on the opponent is Connor’s main defensive mechanism. It’s pretty funny to see.

But when the wrestling’s over, it’s nap time. The boys are used to curling up together and so they hopped on the sofa and started to nap. Hal Con 4

They start out on opposite ends of the sofa,
Hal Con 7 Hal Con 9

and then gradually move closer,Hal Con 13until one of them lands on top of the other – generally Connor’s on the bottom.Hal Con 19But then it all sorts itself out again, and they’re happy.Hal Con 28And they go back to snoozing.Hal Con 32I love how much Connor and Halas love each other.


  1. The part where Connor is lying on his back, barking, making his legs jerk, has me giggling and almost spilling my coffee.... HAHAHAHAHAH!

  2. Love your blog. Enjoyed seeing Connor and Halas hving such fun. Halas has a great singing voice!!!
    Love what little can be seen of your decorating. Looks so comfy.
    Happy holidays.

  3. They had such a good time. I love to see doggies sleeping like angels!

  4. House looks great! Thanks for having Halas, he had a great time! Xoxo
    Cat n dog

  5. Those are some wild boys but they look adorable and angelic while they sleep.

  6. Just got back in from out of town last night and am catching up on your blog posts of the last few days....of course I am head over heels for these to precious pups! And the way they sleep together is just so tender! Smooches to all of you!!!

  7. Meg dearest, I think there is a reason it is called "BLACK" friday. Local is the best-ha, speaking as a small business owner.Halas & Connor what a pair of angels! thank you for the post.

  8. How sis I miss this? he GF and I are leaning on one another eyes filled with tears are we shake with laughter.

    The Lab is very confused.

    Oscar material.

    xo Jane


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