November 17, 2011

Caerphilly Castle

A friend asked me about the picture on my header, so I put together this post of some pictures I’d taken of Caerphilly Castle in Wales during the summer of 2005. Caerphilly is the second largest castle in the UK after Windsor Castle and it dates from the late 1200s.caerphilly castle at dusk

Caerphilly at dusk. July 5, 2005caerphilly castle3

One of the outer wallscaerphilly castle6

Castle ruins - inner wallscaerphilly castle5

Ruins with the inner moat just at the bottom and the outer lake and moat above. Looking over the Caerphilly Valley.caerphilly castle10

Looking over the moat bridge into the inner aspect of the castle.caerphilly castle12

Part of the defensive walls with the arrow slots.caerphilly castle14

Inside the main fortificationscaerphilly castle17

caerphilly castle20

Some restoration/conservation workcaerphilly castle21

There’s some work on the tower on the right. It leans about 15*, more than the Tower of Pisa, and is 3 meters off center.caerphilly castle26

You can see the angle of the tower from this view.caerphilly castle36

Looking in from the outer ring to the inner ring.caerphilly castle32

Castle with the moat surrounding it, and the town of Caerphilly in the background.caerphilly castle25

My friend Teresa standing inside one of the many fireplaces.teeny theresa

Caerphilly  Castle was about a 15 minute drive from my house in Wales. I used to go over after work and walk around the perimeter, which was about two miles.

I found this aerial shot, which gives you a good indication of how massive the place is, and how it’s fortified by moats and lakes.Aerial view 
Caerphilly Castle (CD35)

caerphilly32xHere I am with my nephew who came to stay with me.


  1. Hi Meg, Looking at these pictures I am transported back to another time and place. Those walls have many tales to tell. thank you. Mary

  2. Some lovely photos here Meg. It's only 20 minutes from home for me, I've passed it many time heading off somewhere else but I haven't stopped there for years. It's a wonderful castle, so much history and that tower is still leaning!
    Di x

  3. Love, love, love, love, LOVE. Did I mention love?

  4. Your pictures do a spectacular job of capturing the majesty of the place -- just that fireplace is impressive enough! When my family lived in England, we visited everywhere but Wales! I have always wanted to go back, and now will have to put that on my list of places to visit someday.

  5. Stunning Meg..... What a beautiful and almost ethereal place... Happy weekend... xv


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