November 8, 2011

It’s a Bad Sign

I have always wanted to write a book called “It’s a Bad Sign” and have it illustrated with examples of signs that are either misspelled, grammatically incorrect or just badly worded.

Like this one:bad sign I am sure they were aiming for contemporary, but just left a few letters off for spacing.

If you have some examples, e-mail them to me here, and I will post them later in the week!dead slow Like this sign… a similar one was on the driveway at the Dragon Preparatory School in Oxford, England {seriously!}. Cracked me up every time I saw it!


  1. I always loved when David Letterman (?) had that segment on his show of misspelled print ads. They were good for a hardy laugh. I'll be on the look out Meg, would be great to contribute.

    Cheers~ Deb

  2. Quite funny. I often see misspelled signs. Last week I was in a fairly nice restaurant and the word "potatoe" was on a list of specials. Those of us old enough joke about Dan Quayle's new job as sign maker.

  3. Meg, "Slow Children Playing" is a common sign around here. But the "Dead" part is a new one for me. I know Brits are as tickled at our "Yield" traffic signs as we are with their "Give Way".

  4. Meg,

    You and your readers might enjoy the "30 Most Bizarre Zoo Signs"

    Roughly Daily features amusing signs of many sorts.


  5. I love the two guys who go around correcting the misplaced apostrophes on signs. There was a TV piece on them years ago. I hope they are still at it.

  6. I like the Who's Responible series that the City Paper runs...



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