November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

In the run up to Thanksgiving, there is a lot to be done, and one of the chores on my list was to finally finish painting and re-seating some folding chairs I’d gotten earlier this year. They have a great lyre-back shape and fold up nicely, standing on their own.

First, I painted all of the chairs in a gloss black.chair1The chairs were a reddish-brown when I bought them, and they had a lot of nicks and chips on them, so paint was a good solution.

Next, I checked my fabric stash to see what I had, and found two pieces of an interesting fabric, in two colourways. There wasn’t enough to do all four chairs in one colour, so I did two in each. chair7After I’d put the seats back on, I decided the chairs needed something else, so taking a page from Megan’s book, I whipped out my Sharpie paint pen in gold and filled in all of the incised parts of the chairs. chair8 I think it brought out the details in the chair a bit. It took all of my willpower not to continue drawing on the chair.

The chairs will head over to my friend Julie’s house, where she’s hosting dinner for 24 people. Me? I am going to my sister’s house. Connor? connor3He’s staying home with his best friend Halas.

happy thanksgiving


  1. Oh Connor. Hope your mom brings home just a little bit of turkey for you tomorrow.

    xo J.

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...Conor looks looks so handsome. I noticed the gold detailing immediately and was wondering how you did it!! The chairs look fantastic!! Mary

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! GReat plans you have for Thanksgiving! Wishing you a wonderful celebration!

  4. Your chairs look fabulous - the gold inline was the perfect finishing touch. And I love the fabric as well - especially the orange! :-) Wishing you a wonderful holiday!!

  5. I like the gold pen effect! And the golden lab is just lovely. Great name, Connor! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Meg the chairs are perfect! i love the gloss black and the classic lyre pattern. The fabrics you chose are perfect and really give a current look!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! (especially Connor)

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  7. The chairs look great - that is exactly how I painted mine, up on a table like that. Hope you have a great, great day.

  8. Meg,

    HAppy Thanksgiving to you and to Connor! I hope you both enjoy your day with family and friends!

    I love your chairs! They look beautiful.


    P.S. I know that you promote small business shopping during the holidays, I beleive American Express is running a promotion for card members who shop small.

    Also, I did a post on home made and handmade gifts from the web, I also included etsy stores, and I posted a link to yours as well as Diane from Yonks.

    Enjoy your weeknd, Elizabeth

  9. That's so weird. I just used the word "lyre" in a comment on someone else's blog, before coming to read this one. Not often one uses or reads that word, and here I've done it twice in two minutes. Lovely chairs, btw!

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