November 14, 2011

Tour de Baltimore Pop-Up: November 18th!

My college room-mate asked me if I’d give a Tour de Baltimore during November, and because of what she had to endure when we lived together, I couldn’t say anything other than Yes, of course!  So, I decided that I would open it up to you, even though I know it’s late notice.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Meet at 10:00 at Housewerks for coffee and donuts, and a bit of shopping.IMG_6067
  • Wander over to DeBois Textiles, and check out their fabulous fabrics and vintage clothing. Maybe someone will find the perfect LBD for the holidays!02-14-10 007[5]
  • Head to Hampden, a funky neighbourhood with lots of great shops, including Trohv, which I just wrote about. We will have lunch here, too.trohv25
  • On the way back downtown, we’ll pop into McLain-Wiesand to see what David has in the shop. During one tour, someone bought an old velvet-covered settee right out of the display window!DW settee

There will be a special give-away for one lucky participant – a copy of Mark Hampton’s On Decorating! hampton[2]This is one of the best decorating books and it gives the reader an insight into his decorating process via a series of essays.

If you’re interested in joining the tour, please send me an e-mail here. We’ll include you on the tour for some pre-holiday shopping and fun!


  1. LOVE that settee -- why do I always fall for things that someone else has already snagged?!

  2. I do need to contact my Aunt, as her college roommate lives in Baltimore; perhaps they could join you. She resides in Philadelphia. I went on a D.C. tour led by a Baltimore resident, her name was Elaine, an outstanding guide, she made an impression on me. That Educational Tours co. hires great guides. I bet there are guided tours of Baltimore.

  3. Hi Meg, THE BOOK arrived yesterday!!!!! I love it! Especially the vignettes he paints of his great clients, and not so great clients. BB was a unique guy! I just forwarded this post to my BFF who lives in Arnold,MD--I hope that she goes on The Tour of Baltimore with you. Wish I could hop over and go with her--but we are having Open House at the shop and things would definitely get stretched a little thin. Thank you so much for the fantastic book. xoxo, Mary

  4. Oooops, I forgot to mention the settee--I am addicted to daybeds (that's a daybed) and I would definitely given my left arm for that one!! Anglo-Indian and to die for. thanks. Mary

  5. Meg, do you have a date selected yet?

  6. Wish it was going to be on Saturday the 19th. Would love to join you.

  7. I am so jealous that I cannot attend! I know we would have great fun!!!

  8. How I regret that I cannot join you! It sounds like so much fun!


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