November 3, 2011

The Shops: The House Downtown

There’s a great little retail center a few blocks from my office and I like to pop in when I am picking up lunch to see what’s new. One of the best places to visit is The House Downtown. The shop has a coastal vibe that reflects Baltimore’s maritime downtown 01Stephanie Gamble, the owner, has a great eye for design, and in addition to selling beautiful furniture, furnishings and gifts, she provides custom design services. And her staffers, Casey and Elizabeth are just wonderful and so friendly and helpful.

The House Downtown carries a range of lines including Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, house downtown23

Dash and Albert Rugs, and many downtown25I love wandering around The House Downtown because I love almost every single thing in the store. Here are some of today’s favourites.

Wonderful long engravings of downtown14Two great sofas. One in a white linen slip cover,house downtown18and the other in an oatmeal downtown19Love this dog! And the green glass balls behind downtown13This has the look of a Zuber wallpaper. It’s hand-painted onto silver leaf. It’s just stunning.

house downtown07 house downtown08
One of the things at which The House Downtown excels is creating vignettes with their furniture and downtown29

I’ve never seen milk-glass balls like these. They’d be perfect for a winter downtown30 One thing that always impresses me is the artwork that is always scattered around the shop, often featuring birds.

house downtown22Like this raven and owl combination. house downtown27Or this abstract painting of sparrows doves downtown24The House Downtown has a saying on their door which is absolutely true!house downtown42

I am sure that you have a great shop like this where you live. Stop by and check it out!


  1. What fun to have that right down the road.Beautiful store.

  2. I might be wrong but I believe those green glass balls behind the dog are smaller Japanese fishing floats. The famous glass artist Dale Chihuly has an entire series based on them. I remember then when I went to visit his installation the Phipps Conservatory a few years ago.

    The House Downtown looks like a lovely place to wander and wonder. I love to see small businesses succeed so I hope they do well.

  3. Looks like a wonderful shop. I see several items I would like. Thanks for sharing.

  4. As a business owner with a shop in Culver City, CA. I am so thrilled to see this shop. Great Post.

  5. Oh, wow-I've heard of this place but haven't visited yet. I need furniture desperately and this is right in my crosshairs now. Sounds like you need to arrange another of your Baltimore Hotspots tours!!!

  6. This store has an amazing inventory. I love the bird engravings and the whales, and the milk glass orbs, and the..... Thanks. Mary


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