November 20, 2011

The Shops: Halcyon House Antiques

Anyone who has been reading Pigtown*Design for more than five minutes, knows how truly, madly and deeply in love I am with Halcyon House Antiques.  I am a city mouse, but I could become a country mouse and move into this amazing shop in an instant!  halcyon21The owners of Halcyon House, Stiles and Jonathan, along with Eric, who manages the shop, excel at choosing the merchandise for the shop. They have a good mix of housewares, including dishes and cutlery,halcyon16food items which make great gifts, (and let me just tell you how AMAZING this salted caramel is!)halcyon13and books. (I should get this for my mum, whose nickname is Cookie!)halcyon14

Another area where the guys have it spot on, is with their women’s accessories. I freely admit to one and all, that I LOVE GLOVES! Like these, halcyon29

and these,
halcyon31 halcyon32
and these,
halcyon33 halcyon34

They just make me happy!

And then there are the scarves and bags, both of which I also am crazy about… halcyon27you don’t even need to know how many scarves I have!halcyon38

Personally, I see NOTHING wrong with the image above. Bags? Check. Jewelry? Check. Great rug? Check!

So, if you’re in Baltimore, and you need a unique and extraordinary gift for someone you love, including yourself, get out to Halcyon House and see what they’ve got. You will find something to love, even if it’s just some Christmas tree baubles!halcyon10

Halcyon House Antiques
11219 Greenspring Avenue - Lutherville, Maryland 21093 - (410) 828-8889


  1. Meg it all looks wonderful!! Do they have a website. I am still in rehab from the hip replacement so am doing my shopping online!!

    Love the women's accessories.

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

  2. I fear your love of gloves may be infectious...there are love lovelies there, aren't there? Don't forget the great mirror, check!

  3. Meg,
    Now YONKShas something to aspire to :-)

  4. I'll take that frilly purple scarf, please!

  5. You are killing me with those gloves! *swoon*


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