November 22, 2011

Halcyon Farm for the Holidays

I had the great good fortune to start 2011 in the most wonderful manner – having breakfast at one of the area’s most extraordinary homes. It was a lovely country breakfast made even better by the company and the gorgeous surroundings. The hosts have been decorating the house in this over the top manner for years, but they’d also just had a photographer come in to shoot a spread for Style Magazine, a local publication.

dec_11_halcyon3I love the balls in the big silver bowl. dec_11_halcyon2






dec_11_halcyon9I can attest that this is also a stunning setting for a start of the New Year Breakfast!

Read the entire article here.

Photographed by Erik Kvalsvik


  1. Shhhsh what a hell hole.

    You know the best,most stylish people anywhere.

    we are packing up and moving to your town.

    xo jane

  2. is that where your inlaws inlaw live? confusion.. and yeah. what a dump!!! ahahahhah

  3. I love amaryllis any time, but they are particularly great at Christmas. How clever to get them to open on time; I fear I would not be so talented!

  4. We've always had an 8 foot tree. I'll have to count how many ornaments go on it this year. Many date back to 1944, Mom and Dad's first Christmas together. There is something about having a fireplace and mantel that adds so much to a room. Now that I've had that in my home I wouldn't quite know what to do without one - build it, I guess!

  5. hang with the slummiest, tackiest people in Bmore, dear! I'm hoping that's the latest issue of Style. Time to run to the bookstore...and up to Lutherville to do some shopping!

  6. I have died and gone to heaven--the period Federal pieces, the Baltimore sofa, the silver...what more could an antiques dealer want? This home is so amazingly gorgeous that I will be speechless for days. What a treat to start a year in that fashion. Thanks. Mary

  7. OMG! I hope the owners of the house don't read this and think everyone's serious. It's such an awesome house.

  8. Stunning!! My favorite type of holiday decorations!!


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