January 26, 2010

News & Notes

The house guest leaves early Wednesday, so we had a rollicking dinner with some old friends tonight. Luckily, he’s much easier than my last long-term houseguest, who was hellish… Oh, the stories we could tell about her!  David will be heading back to Wales with presents for “my” three boys over there, whom I miss greatly.6d 014Thanks to everyone for their extremely kind comments about my upcoming quotes in Elle Decor. I am hugely flattered that they chose to include me. It should be on the news-stands in early February.elle-decor-logo

I am getting ready for the big Baltimore Architecture Foundation’s Groundhog Day party this weekend and am putting together the auction catalogue. I’ve gotten some friends to donate items for the auction including a pair of bookends from McLain-Wiesand, McLain Wiesand 11-21 026 tickets to the House Beautiful lecture series at Evergreen this spring which will feature houses with theatres in them bakst and 20 yards of fabric from DeBois Textiles, either all of one pattern if applicable, or a mix of patterns.Debois Textiles 043There are still tickets to this fun party, here. I will be taking an empty memory card and a spare battery so I can take loads of pictures to show you the amazing and very private club where this party is being held.Maryland_Club_c1905 Lots going on this week!


  1. Glad I checked my google reader before hopping off to bed. What a fun post. Hope you have a great auction. And is that the Maryland Club (I've always wondered what it looked like inside).


  2. I can't wait to see the pictures!

    So glad you had a nice visit with your friend and I wish him safe travels back to Wales!

    Kat :)

  3. Congrats on the Elle Decor gig. You've gotten some amazing items for the auction. Good luck!


  4. Congratulations Meg, how fun an event!!

  5. Did you see who is on the lecture list for Evergreen this spring!?!? You must save March 24th!


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