January 19, 2010

EEE! It’s Emily’s Shower

The lovely Mrs. Blandings asked a few of us to participate in a virtual shower for Emily Evans Eerdmans, in honour of her recent marriage. I thought that the best thing any newly married couple could wish for is many years of joy and happiness together. But joy and happiness are hard to give to someone, so I had to think of something else!eerdmansmckeonwedding Hmmm… should I give the couple something practical, that they would use every day? I thought about a set of vintage linen sheets, like these from Fleur d’Andeol. Linen sheet Or should I give them something extravagant, like this beautiful stemware from my personal favourite, William Yeoward?  These Betty & Sybil champagne flutes are based on a Georgian pattern and are simply elegant!Bett-Sybil-main Should I give them something that reflects their spirit and style? How about a vintage Morgan Motor Car? I can just see Emily and Mr. EEE motoring through a country road in this beauty, scarf trailing in the wind.morgan_car Or how about a custom portrait? I could get Rembrandt, Warhol, Wyeth or Monet to paint a portrait! Oh wait, they’re all dead. But still…




Most of all, what I want for Emily is many, many years of happiness and joy with her new husband! Congratulations!


  1. That Morgan and years of happiness should do the trick-love all your picks.pgt

  2. A & EEE...a sunday drive in the Morgan. I can see it now...

  3. Holy moly that sheet is DIVINE!!!!

  4. Meg, with linen like that, I would definitely start ironing my sheets... just gorgeous.... however, A, who is 6'5 and I might have to trade in the Morgan for a roomier Rolls - I once had the privilege of riding in one, and lets just say it was not a graceful process trying to arrange myself so I could shut the door. Thank you for the warm wishes - many many years of happiness to you too. xo

  5. The stemware. I vote for the stemware.

  6. As long as the Morgan is getting traded in... If no one's interested, I'd be willing to take it off your hands.

    Many happy returns and many happy years ahead, Triple E.


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