January 21, 2010

Call for Photos!

First, thank you to everyone who has introduced themselves to me at DeBois Textiles. I am truly flattered and humbled that you take time from your busy life to read Pigtown*Design. It amazes me. 12-10 011

I would love to see which fabrics you’ve chosen, so if you will send me a picture via e-mail, I will do a little post at the beginning of next week. I think it will be fun to share what treasures we’ve found!


  1. Thanks Meg, the post below reminds me of some of the birdhouses that I showcased in a post today. I will send you a pic of my fav patterns!

  2. I hope there is fabric left when I go next week :) You were so nice to share your find! Love your blog.

  3. I second Susie! Meg, why did you have to post this during my crazy week at work?


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