January 14, 2010

PURPLE Friday!

When I first started writing Pigtown*Design, one of the very first stories I wrote was called “Painting the Town Purple!”. Baltimore’s NFL team, the Ravens, were getting ready to play the Baltimore Indianapolis Colts. For Baltimoreans of a certain age, it’s incomprehensible that the Colts are in Indianapolis. Ravens-LogoThen, as now, the city is bright with purple lights. Purple is one of the most difficult colours to light, because it’s at the end of the spectrum. The Ravens purple is a particularly dark purple, and our other team colour is black. Everyone’s in the spirit, as evidenced by this horse of a different colour I spotted on a corner downtown.Purple Friday 001This evening, a lot of lights around the harbour were being lit in purple in celebration of the game on Saturday. Additionally, a lot of businesses in the city are encouraging their employees to wear purple on Friday and make a contribution to do so, with the funds going to the Haitian Relief Efforts. Purple Friday 040 I decided to take a walk along the harbour promenade and take some pictures. Purple Friday 043 Luckily, the bitter cold weather has broken and it was a balmy 42F, with no breeze at all.  The Waterfront Marriott spelled out “GO Ravens” in the lights in their rooms, just like they did the year the Ravens won the Superbowl.Purple Friday 028In the spirit of things, here is a little video I made for a friend. I gave her a mechanical, light-up raven for Christmas.

Here are a few more images of Baltimore’s Inner Harbour.Purple Friday 017Purple Friday 033Purple Friday 026GO RAVENS!


  1. Meg, I love all of the shades of purple!

  2. I miss downtown B'more and the Harbor! Beautiful pictures!

    We got married right after the Colts left for Indy and my husband is from Indianapolis so when everyone came for the wedding, people honked at their Indiana license plates, but they thought we were all just really "friendly" Marylanders!

    Love your light up Raven, and your kitty is too cute! Go Ravens!!!

    Kat :)

  3. lol...what a good friend you are to make that fun little video. I too remember when they were the Colt's. Guess that dispells any myth that I am young or cool!

  4. Great pictures Meg!

    Although I'm not old enough to remember the Colts leaving, I am a lifelong Baltimorean, so I've got the Colts animosity in my bones!

  5. I wish I were there this weekend!!! Back in 2006 they did the purple lights everywhere and I was new in Baltimore and just fell in love with it. :)

  6. Love your photos! The first time I ever saw my father cry was when the Colts left Baltimore in the middle of that snowy March night.
    I can only imagine what it is like this weekend- - last week Penn Station was very purple - all kinds or purple donuts at the Dunkin Donuts there.


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