January 24, 2010

A Kid in a Candy Shop

Okay, so I am not a kid anymore, and it’s not a candy shop, but being able to spend a few hours in the back of DeBois Textiles and pick through the fabrics is nearly as good… and plenty!

Because DeBois is more about the actual textiles, and not the colours, patterns or designers, I asked if I could look through the stacks and pick things that I knew would interest buyers like me. I would go through and pull the fabrics by the major designers and the up-market fabric mills. They were kind enough to let me do this to my heart’s content and even gave me my own bin to fill!Debois Textiles 1-23 (74)

It seems that the owner, Bob, has just recently become acquainted with the term “Fabric/Textile Whore” and is now also discovering who we are, as I’ve heard stories of people visiting nearly every day (not moi!) since they discovered the store (Tracy!). Even though we don’t have anything specific to do with the fabrics, we can’t resist buying them or looking through them.Debois Textiles  (5)

Here’s the daily dose of candy!

A Thibault linen print called Bayou, with a detail of a little frog.

Debois Textiles 1-23 (62) Debois Textiles 1-23 (64)

Three colourwaysDebois Textiles 1-23 (66)

Sultan’s Serenade

Debois Textiles 1-23 (70) Debois Textiles 1-23 (71)

Gladiateur – A Winterthur Museum documentary fabricDebois Textiles  (1)

Three blues. I know that the one in the center is a Carleton V. print.Debois Textiles 1-23 (76)

Three blues. Three Ralph Lauren printsDebois Textiles 1-23 (78)

Victoria Hagen – Lucky Match.Debois Textiles 1-23 (87)

Playing with colour mixing

Debois Textiles 1-23 (80) Debois Textiles 1-23 (85) Debois Textiles  (91)

And more…

Debois Textiles 1-23 (83) Debois Textiles 1-23 (84)

I guess that being addicted to fabrics is a lot better than being addicted to drugs, and I even get a workout hoisting all the fabrics around! 


  1. Ok, that settles it...a road trip to B'more is going on the calendar very very soon!

    I love that Ralph Lauren fabric, it would go perfectly in my family room!

    My sister always likes to say that "the person who dies with the most fabric WINS!"

    Kat :)

  2. Meg - this is too much! I would be there every day too. Although, being 50 minutes away isn't that far...may be time for antoher fix!

  3. This is so much fun. I have the Gladiateur in pale green in a bedroom! I adore it! If I were close by, I'm afraid I be buying fabric not even knowing how I'd use it. By the way, what would you say is the longest yardage that they sell? Just wondering if one could get enough for a large project. (may have to make a road trip too!)

  4. You are having way too much fun and I am totally jealous! Love the Ralph Laurens and the Sultan's Serenade. I hope your busy figuring out some way to fill orders!

  5. I am so happy that you are able to get all the great fabrics you want and are having a field day. You deserve all nice things in life. You go girl, go!

  6. Nancy... the only piece I've bought is the Trina Turk. I made the little duvet with it. I need to wait until I move and then I will go nuts! I was saying to someone yesterday that I can make raw silk curtains for less than I can buy rayon curtains at Target!

  7. the blue and white RL would be perfect for my frames.
    the pattern looks similar to the VA/Liberty prints the Little Augury showcased today.

  8. Love the Ralph Lauren collection in the blues! The Bayou is wonderful. Well we do have a Calico Corners up the street Sigh.....

  9. Meg, I am right there with you. Nothing makes me happier than to go fabric shopping. I'm going tomorrow in fact!

  10. * I think you'd be SHOCKED~~~ (UTTERLY APPALLED, m'-deah!!!)~~~ at the ACTUAL # of "NORMAL-looking" women out there who are, indeed, "Fabric/Textile Whores"(THEY just won't admit it!)...(Ahem~ Just consider this from "Anonymous Alice", please...)~.

    Seriously, best wishes from Linda in AZ *

  11. OK, OK... I admit it~~~ that Thibalt linen with the FROG is TO-DIE-FOR (ten times over, no less!)!!

    There! I ADMITTED it~~~ (and that feels GOOD!!!)~~~

    Love, LInda

  12. Hi Meg-

    I discovered your blog at Christmas time when Joni at Cote de Texas had a post about you and have really been enjoying it. You write with such affection about your hometown and I find myself envying your deep family connection to the place where you live.

    As I'm just down the road in DC, I can't wait to make a trip up to check out your fabulous fabric find!

  13. that donut one - in the second to the last set, on the left - that is such a famous pattern!!! wow!!!!

  14. I'm glad I'm not the only textile whore out there! I'll have to make it out to DuBois when I attend the Smith Club of Baltimore's annual book sale that's coming up... -- Jen Sergent

  15. Ok, I am going next week....thank you SO MUCH for sharing this tip. Do they get shipments in on a particular day or is any day as good as another. Can't wait!

  16. Oh lucky you ! If she who has the most fabric "wins", I think I might be in the running !!


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