January 25, 2010

Rock the Vote for Eddie!

I was delighted to have the chance to meet Eddie Ross and his partner, Jaithan Kochar last fall at My Notting Hill’s delightful cocktail party, and then to spend much of the next day with them at the Big DC Flea. I was even more excited when Eddie bought some of my French Ivory-handled cutlery from my Etsy Shop (there’s more left!).Rock the Vote for EddieEddie has just finished decorating a window for Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge in NYC. The other two windows have been decorated by Apartment Therapy and Bloomingdales. Eddie’s doing his window in conjunction with Elle Decor, my new best friend!Eddie's WindowYou can go here to see the top three windows and vote for your favourite {that would be Eddie’s} window.


  1. I think that Eddie & Jaithan are just brilliant.

  2. Meg, thank you so much! We miss you!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  3. WOW! I really like that second images such a great decoration. Specially that decorative pillow it's looking so sweet. Thanks for sharing.


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