January 19, 2010

Some Things

I want to thank “High-Heeled Foot in the Door” for mentioning me in her great post today about the folks a DeBois Textiles. I hope that they’re not too overwhelmed by all of the bloggers who are arriving en masse at their doors to find the great fabrics!  If you’re not reading High Heeled, you should be! She’s a great designer and very talented.  Plus, she’s got the funniest header by the talented PVE Designs, Patricia von Essche!camila_2.717

Completely random, but I saw this image of Prince William on his first trip representing his grandmother, HM Queen Elizabeth, II at the opening of the new supreme court building in Wellington, Australia. He met with some of the Maori natives of the country and participated in this traditional greeting.  I think this is the sweetest image, and his willingness to do things like this is the best memorial to his mother, Diana.Prince-William and MaoriMore randomness… For the first time since 1949, the “Poe Toaster” failed to appear at Edgar Allan Poe’s grave in the early hours of today, Poe’s 201st birthday. The Poe Toaster traditionally leaves a bottle of cognac and three roses on the grave. The identity of the Toaster has been a closely kept secret and people are kept away from the grave until the Toaster has come and gone. The Toaster is one of the traditions that makes Baltimore a special place.poe poem copy I am scrambling to get ready for my visitor from Wales later this week, so have lots to do before he arrives. Posts may be a bit brief this week!


  1. I hope the "Toaster" is alright, he/she has been such a constant in Baltimore over the years!

    It looks like I have a bit of a cough and sore throat, so no DeBois for me this week.

    Enjoy your company!

    Kat :)

  2. good stuff all, have fun with your guest. William and Harry are fine examples, Next time he will open his eyes.

  3. Oh no! I hope the toaster is well. So sad to think of that tradition not being held up. My husband is from Baltimore and my boys enjoyed all the Poe paraphernalia down at the harbor last year celebrating his bicentennial.

  4. Prince William looks like a class act. (Now Harry I'm not so sure about . . . but he sure is cute!)

  5. P.S. Tell your visitor 'iechyd da' from me!

  6. Meg,

    I read about the toaster and it is such a mystery. Hope he comes back.

    Have fun with your visitor.


  7. Conclusion: Michael Jackson was the Poe Toaster.

    (Kidding, people)

  8. i just adore your new header!!!! Also love the touching Prince William pic......

  9. Love that Prince William image too! Very sweet.


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