January 17, 2010

More Revealing!

I could not resist another trip to DeBois Textiles yesterday, just to see what I could find without getting in the way of the workers there. Reanna, who runs the company with her father, told me that there were people waiting when DeBois opened, and that they went right for the fabrics, not the vintage clothing. In fact, when I was there, I met one of my DC readers, who was kind enough to say hello to me. Thanks!

I was alone in the back of the huge space, given free run to poke through the stacks of fabulous fabrics, taking pictures, and oohing and aahing over each new discovery. Debois Textiles 112 

I can’t believe I forgot to get the name of this fabric. Any ideas?

Debois Textiles 077 Debois Textiles 079 Debois Textiles 080

I think this is called “Scribbles”.

Debois Textiles 084 Debois Textiles 105 Debois Textiles 087

This is called “Belgravia” and it’s from the Royal Oak Foundation, which is the American arm of the UK’s National Trust. I just adore this one!

Debois Textiles 091
Debois Textiles 092

Orbit, by Groundworks Design.   This has a great retro vibe to it and would look great covering a mid-century modern sofa.

Debois Textiles 093

Debois Textiles 094

Bazaar, by Diamond Baratta

Debois Textiles 097
Debois Textiles 098

Lots of fun, this one! New York, New York, by Decorators Walk from Schumacher.  It reminds me of the wallpaper in an old loo in our house!

Debois Textiles 109 Debois Textiles 110

Wonderful, very detailed linen by Ralph Lauren Home.

Debois Textiles 114 Debois Textiles 113

A nice Kelly Wearstler stripe.

Debois Textiles 117

Debois Textiles 118

I saw this detail of a fabric that had guns, and labrador retrievers and this field bag… with my own Filson bag!

Debois Textiles 120 Debois Textiles 121

I saw four different fabrics, all very similar, which were a gold painted print. They really caught the light beautifully!

Debois Textiles 124 Debois Textiles 128
Debois Textiles 129 Debois Textiles 130

Here’s the hilarious dog-bone printed velvet. Perfect for a huge cushion for Connor!Debois Textiles 137

I had been admiring and lusting over the gorgeous Trina Turk fabric both on Friday and again Saturday. As I was leaving, Reanna was kind enough to give me two yards of it. I am not sure what I will do with it yet, but I just adore this!Debois Textiles 154Let me know if you’ve stopped byDeBois and what you bought!


  1. So pretty! I can't wait to make a trip up that way to see what treasures I can bring home with me!

    Do you happen to know their hours, they weren't listed on their website.

    Kat :)

  2. OMG! Another reason to love Baltimore!
    Thank you for this wonderful insider tour!
    Next time you go can I send you some money to please pick out something for me?
    xo xo
    PS I love the snowman on your Winter blog header! You always have the best headers.

  3. If I had the smallest clue about sewing, I'd definitely make dog bed covers for the pack with the velvet bone print.

  4. I still can't get over the finds. The fabric with the dog bones would make a great pillow or if it's washable, I agree with house things...what does Conner say? :)

  5. God how I wish I could be there even to buy fabric for pillows!!

  6. Stunning pieces. I love the movement of the first fabric choices and the quite elegance of the last ones.

  7. Ok. I am *this close* to sending you money to shop there for me. That Schumacher fabric made me gasp!

  8. The gold painted print ones look like Fortuny, what a find. I might make my next drive north up 95 instead of 81.

  9. more treats - thanks for the walk-through

  10. I have not used my sewing talent in quite some time; however, those gorgeous fabrics are inspiring me!!
    NOW....just need to make my way from Boston to Baltimore.

  11. I also love that Trina Turk, the last image, as well as the golden painted paisley. I am putting in my order for a yard of each!! Meg, I'm good for it!!

  12. I would be in heaven there too. We have a mini experience of it here at the Jim Thompson outlet, at which I quite often buy, as it's a fraction of the price at the store, and I'm particularly enchanted by all the shot silks, and more so when I can find the quantity of material that I need.


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