January 6, 2010

India Knight’s Posterous

I have adored India Knight ever since I discovered her book, The Shops: How, Why and Where to Shop, when I first moved to the UK. It was a gold mine of information about little out-of-the-way shops in and around London. I felt like it allowed me to become an instant insider in London. India Knight1Last year, she wrote another book (actually, she’s written a lot of books) called The Thrift Book: Live Well and Spend Less. This is a woman who clearly knows how to live well and what the nice things in life are. India Knight2 I was searching on-line the other day and found an amazing blog-sort of thing she’s got called India Knight’s Posterous. I may be the only one who doesn’t know that Posterous is another blogging site.

India posts her favourite things, including shopping tips, videos, books, and much more. I’ve fallen wildly in love with almost everything on her site, which has been up since September 2009. I like that it’s all over the place, sort of like Pigtown*Design, and that many of the resources that she suggests are UK based. Take a look and see what you think. The only negative is that there’s no place to post comments! India Knight3Also, here’s a piece about her five-storey Victorian home in North London.

India Knight4 India Knight5

Very quirky and lots of pink!  It’s from the UK’s Living, Etc. magazine. 


  1. Boo for no comments, but love looking at pretty things. Thanks.

  2. Cool! Thanks for the tip. I love the book that *someone* gave me last year ;-)

    Happy New Year, Pigtown Design! And happy blogaversary, too!!

  3. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and once again you reveal a great source of information. BTW I like all over the place...things will never get stale here!

  4. Love la belle India! And I'm even more interested in this Posterous thing (though at first, schoolmarm that I am, my brain kept wanting to insert "pre-" as the prefix, and I couldn't understand what such a lovely blog had to do with that concept!).

    Those skinny jeans she writes about may be the cat's meow -- and Jean Pool in Mt. Washington sells them -- but I'm afraid $178 is too steep for me for simple cotton denim, no matter how magical.

    I love her Mad Men tributes (of course!) and made myself a fun Joan avatar on my just-crashed computer, so I'll have to go back to the AMC site to create another one.

    Keep the hits coming, Meg!

  5. How do you sign up for her blog as a follower?


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