January 11, 2010

Gore Dean Goodness

I am not working on Fridays, unfortunately, so I try and take the opportunity to do things that I usually would not have time for during the week. I hadn’t been by Gore Dean in a few months, so I popped in to see what was new. I received an e-mail from Deborah saying that they were getting some luxurious cashmere throws in, and since cashmere is my favourite fibre, I wanted to check them out. They weren’t in yet, but I did see a lot of other things that caught my eye!

I just love these wall-mounted candle-holders in the shape of a fist! Wouldn’t that be fun on a patio?Gore Dean 004 More fabulous pillows! Three crowns and lots of shiny beads.

Gore Dean 024 Gore Dean 026

A collection of Italian intaglio pieces.Gore Dean 019

A 19th century English tole-ware foot bath. Gore Dean 013

I love this butter/cheese dish with the glass dome. A great place to store my beloved KerryGold!Gore Dean 031 Gore Dean still has some of Mrs. John L. Strong’s stationery in stock. Gore Dean 033 This image reminds me of the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, and you can just see a photo from Laura Bush thanking Gore Dean for helping to decorate the White House in 2007.Gore Dean 036 I love the side yard at Gore Dean and I am sure it looked amazing under the 21 inches of snow we had last month.Gore Dean 040 I’ll bet these guys looked great blanketed with snow, too.

  Gore Dean 041
Gore Dean 042 

All in all, another great trip to Gore Dean.


  1. Oh, yes! This looks like a magical place with discoveries around every corner!

  2. I must make a trip to Gore Dean and I better bring my truck!

  3. Looks like a fabulous place to spend a day off. I couldn't read the explanation about the header image -- could you tell me?

  4. I love the intaglios. Beautiful. I love your blog. I have been reading it for a year now but I think this is the first time I've commented. Thanks for always providing great posts.

    Gwen Driscoll
    Ragland Hill Social

  5. Meg, I am going to take time to make more discovery excursions. I love all of these images! very cool finds!

  6. I could find a place for everyone one of these treasures! Perfect way to spend the day. I haven't been there in ages....

  7. Wow, you've found some fabulous things these past few days. Love the foot bath (gosh, I just use a plastic tub) and I'd rig those fists to hold flowers if I could. Thanks for taking us along!

  8. Stopped by on Sunday (their website says they're open 12-4), but they were closed. Did see the fab lions out front, though! Will drop in another time.

    Hey, hon, for some reason my email to you keeps getting bounced. Was trying to send a link this fab deep blue laquer color by Miles Redd -- I'm smitten! Link here (scroll down a little):


  9. This post made me wish I was loaded.

  10. man, so much to 'want'! those two matching intaglio pieces are so sweet.


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