January 10, 2010

These, I Like!

This weekend’s adventures were full of all sorts of good things. From the Ravens winning their game against the Patriots this weekend to checking out the goods at Housewerks and The Antique Exchange, it was all good.

In a recent post, Things That Inspire did a story about Japanese Glass Floats that was so interesting, so it was a lot of fun to visit Housewerks and see that they’d just gotten more than a dozen of these gorgeous green glass balls. Some of them even had their original ropes on them.  As TTI said, they work well in both a traditional and a contemporary interior, and either inside or in the garden.

Housewerks 01-09-10 005 Housewerks 01-09-10 010

Here are some other things that caught my eye at Housewerks.

 Corey coffee pots. Their architectural lines are amazing. Housewerks 01-09-10 018

 What would look better lighting a corner niche that this Empire State Building lamp?Housewerks 01-09-10 015

Give Housewerks a hand! We had such fun finding funny places to arrange these mannequin hands. Spooky!
Housewerks 01-09-10 038 Housewerks 01-09-10 036
Housewerks 01-09-10 037 Housewerks 01-09-10 039

This was the best-looking thing that we saw there! It’s Grambo!Housewerks 01-09-10 043

After Housewerks, we headed uptown to visit The Antique Exchange. I love their tagline: Classic Meets Current. I hadn’t been to this location before since they just moved about a year ago, but fell in love with what they had, as well as how it was displayed. In addition to selling antiques, they’ve also expanded to provide design services.

The late afternoon lit up this gorgeous linen pillow.Antique Exchange  01-09-10 003

Loved this pagoda pillow and the jade green chinoiserie tealight holders.Antique Exchange  01-09-10 005

Wasn’t I just reading that turquoise is Pantone’s colour pick for 2010?  Looks like they got the memo, too!Antique Exchange  01-09-10 016

I loved this vignette, with the antique silver dresser set. Antique Exchange  01-09-10 021Loads more pretty pillows. I think I am sensing a theme here!

Antique Exchange  01-09-10 012 Antique Exchange  01-09-10 013
Antique Exchange  01-09-10 006 Antique Exchange  01-09-10 023

 I loved the idea of the mirror at the bottom of the stairs.Antique Exchange  01-09-10 022

 The late afternoon sunlight lit up this room full of treasures and trinkets.Antique Exchange  01-09-10 014

All in all, a very good weekend. Don’t forget to go visit “Dancing Through Paris” who was the winner of the Decorating is Fun book!


  1. Great finds, I too am intrigued by the glass fishing floats recently. Grambo is too cute, love the hat!

    Kat :)

  2. I have so many 'wants' that it is just pathetic. I tried to convince John to go antiquing this weekend, but couldn't manage to make it sound fun enough for him. Imagine that!

  3. Love the Japanese glass floats. Dale Chihuly did something similar in his botanical/conservatory/garden installations. Maybe he copied it from them?

  4. wow. the use of corey coffeepots was SO creative!

  5. I love Antique Exchange - Tom & Wesley are wonderful!

  6. I did not see anything I did not like. How do you get permission to take pictures in stores? The owners don't mind?


    Check out my Ballard design poem rug that arrived today.

  7. What a perfect weekend Meg?! That is my kind of fun. So many terrific finds to comment on. Love them all.
    Glad your Ravens won!! x deb


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