October 2, 2011

Weekend Update + Connor’s New Space

Busy weekend with the John Gutierrez Memorial Five Mile Walk on Saturday morning. Lazy cow that I am, I was nearly crippled at the finish, and had a large blister on my foot. I rarely, if ever, wear sneakers, runners, trainers, tennis shoes, etc. and so when I dug a pair of old Tretorns out of the closet, I should have figured that I’d regret it later.tretorn The food for the Walk was provided by locally-acclaimed Woodberry Kitchen, right next to Gutierrez:Studios. woodberryOn Sunday, I headed up to Halcyon Farm for the art show, pictures of which I will show shortly. It was a great sale and I saw lots and lots of dots on the artwork.

Connor has found a new favourite place in my house: I bought a super-comfortable wing chair and ottoman a few weeks ago, and while I love it, I think that Connor’s even more fond of it!  Maybe he’ll decide that he loves this chair too much to run away again. Cross thumbs!VPC Show 043 He couldn’t fit more perfectly on to the squishy down and feather cushions, and loves to curl up. VPC Show 042 I think that he’s a little irate that I bothered him by snapping a picture.  VPC Show 044Busy week ahead, with a trip to NYC for two events. I am just trying to shake a hacking cough and be better by Wednesday.

More later!


  1. Connor looks so much like my Daisy. An American Lab for sure. She's gone now, but seeing these photos warms my heart.

  2. BSF... He's a very small lab. No long legs and no pointy nose, I think there's something else in there.

    My last yellow lab was an English lab and he was a monster, and he was square. Block-head.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Your pictures of your dog just carried me away-- he is adorable and he must touch your heart so much-- he touched mine through your pictures! Thank you!


  4. Oh Connor.

    now tell him to shove over and let his sick mom have a sitdown.

    xo jane

  5. How I loved my Tretorns but not for distance walking! Connor looks happy -I hope he settles down! Feel better!

  6. Oh yes a 5K walk was that for me --as I am on my feet all day , walking about a fair amount --but bravo you made it. Any ill fitting shoes will render a blister in no time. At work I wear steel toed boots two pairs of socks as it is a semi- industrial setting. anyway Getting out for a walk surviving it, in the name of a good cause is something we all should try. and plan ahead and train as if you were spending three days as a chaperone on a safety patrol trip touring the sights at washington DC. Hey, have you ever wandered over there to take some pictures of the awesome architecture in D.C.??? Bring your camera to NYC though!

  7. love the chairs and ottoman. do me a favor and take that throw and cover the chair and arms with it now that conner has claimed it! it will keep it clean.

    aw, he looks like such a angel. ha!!! looks are deceiving!

    one blister? I would have had 10, one for each toe. no one is lazier than me.

  8. Connor looks so sweet in his cozy chair! I find that once a pet claims a spot, there is no way to convince them it belongs to anyone but them. I write this with my little dog tucked into the corner spot of the sofa, my arm resting on top of her.

  9. We all know that you really bought that chair for Connor. Look how well it fits him AND compliments his stunning coat and eyes!
    Have a great week...tell us all about those events, and do get better.

  10. so funny that test! "you live in a house at the end of a lane....near the beach!" Yikes! We live at the end of a cul-de-sac lane 2 miles from the beach) in Montecito....amazing!

    Nice job!

  11. Ouch ! Event-walks often do that to people. They wear shoes that are not properly broken in and end up with sore feet, sometimes for days. Use really thick socks next time .... and make sure the nails on your big toes are very nice and short for the occasion.
    Best -
    - Mike

  12. Love it! Great chair for the pupster!! He deserves no less than the finest of napping locales.
    Sorry about your tootsies! But good for you on the WALK!!!

  13. Meg, Connor looks so comfortable. I do think he will stay there instead of running off!

    Joni's suggestion is a good one. Bravo! I would not have made it halfway on the walk. (seeing a neurosurgeon on Thursday)


    Art by Karena

  14. Connor looks so content and handsome + I agree with Joni,a comfy blanket for the seat & arms. Connor will adore the softness of all that. Walk on, girl xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  15. Connor is so cute! I love how he has claimed this comfy chair for himself, especially with the cold of winter coming fast. I hope that you are right and that he is settled in and not going to go off on any adventures anytime soon.

    I worry about him and you. Hope you soaked your feet and had a nice rest.

    Take care, and have a wonderful week.

  16. Beautiful fabric. I have a small piece and can't decide what to do with it. A pillow I guess.
    Connor looks so happy in that chair he seems to be a puppy again.
    Let him enjoy it and maybe he will realize he is home at last!!!! Feel better soon.

  17. Hope you're feeling well soon. Connor reminds me of my dog. She likes to curl up on the chair like he does. If I put a blanket on her, she'll pull her head under the blanket and snore!



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