October 23, 2011

The Holiday

Have you seen the movie, “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet? Cameron’s character trades houses with Kate’s character, and Cameron ends up in a sweet little cottage in rural England.the holidayWhile I was reading The Guardian on-line today, they had a line up of great cottages available for rental over the Christmas holidays. I instantly thought about the movie, and what a fantasy it is to spend the holidays somewhere other than at home.the holiday norfolkEngland is magical at Christmas and it would be fabulous to spend the holidays there, either will full family in tow, or just with someone special.the holiday norfolk2Some of the houses are actually a great deal… when you look at the cost per week, it might seem expensive, but when you divide it up between guests/night, it’s a deal. the holiday norfolk3This house, Felmingham Hall in Norfolk is an Elizabethan manor house with lots of period features including open fires, stained glass, antique oak furniture and four poster beds. the holiday norfolk4A seven-night stay over Christmas costs from £6,000, based on 14 sharing, and includes welcome hamper, utilities, toiletries, towels, bed linen and a housekeeper.the holiday norfolk5 If you work it out, that’s just £61 or $97.00 per person per night. Well cheaper than most hotels!

Have you started planning for Christmas yet?


  1. Hi Meg, This is a great idea!! Counting grandchildren and Jones makes 13; so we all fit. Would Jones have to go into quarantine? Ooops, I guess that he would have to stay home. Thanks for the fun day dreaming. Mary

  2. Really Amazing this is great idea.Thanks for sharing this nice tips

  3. You are right Meg, that's such a good deal and looks a wonderful place. That's going on my list of places to stay. Now I just need to find 13 others, maybe we can have a blog friends party!!!

  4. Adored That Movie + sent this post to my client in UK-grand tip! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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