October 3, 2011

Art for Land’s Sake

Over the weekend, The Valley’s Planning Council, a land preservation organization just outside Baltimore, held its annual fundraiser at the stunning Halcyon Farm, home of Stiles Colwill and Jonathan Gargiulo. As with everything these to set out to do, it was beautifully organized and stunningly arranged.VPC show 010 The show took place in the farm barn, built several years ago by Amish workmen. Halcyon Farm The loft section of the barn held the dozens of pieces of artwork that were for sale and VPC show 023 the stalls on the lower level were filled with vendors appropriate to the event. VPC show 004 In the art, local scenes were much in evidence, including numerous horse, hound and hunt scenes,  VPC show 009 some of Baltimore’s landmarks, VPC show 002 and others of Maryland’s stunning Eastern Shore.

Pieces ranged from the serious VPC show 003 to the whimsical, VPC show 011 including these clever pieces, VPC show 014 which I loved.

The vendors included Halcyon House Antiques, with a selection of reverse-painted hunt scenes, VPC show 022 which were so fascinating. VPC show 019 You can see how the painting is done on the glass and so it’s almost three-dimensional.

There was also lots of fabulous jewelry including a range from Gogo Jewelry cast from elements in nature found on Cumberland Island, VPC show 034 which Gogo’s family used to own. There were pieces as diverse as rattlesnake jaws and starfish.VPC show 031Another artist I really liked created horse’s heads from pieces of driftwood. VPC show 028 I loved that the artist could see the images in the wood.VPC show 037 As I wandered through the barn, I saw that so many of the pieces that I loved had already sold, which was great for the Valley’s Planning Council, but not great for me.

The piece that I loved the most was one of the most simple ones.VPC show 015 What looks almost like a piece of African art depicting an antelope is really a piece of tire! So simple, so clever. It’s by Leonard Streckfus, who also did the little dog and elephant pieces above.

Visiting Halcyon Farm was a great way to spend some time on a chilly Sunday morning.


  1. Who could say "neigh" to driftwood horses? Not I, not I!

  2. Is this Gogo related to the Carnegie family? Plum Orchard and Cumberland National Seashore Dungeness ruins wild horses such a Rich history and well are things still done as they were back then? same old same old money talks.

  3. Judging from these selections, it was a great sale!


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