October 22, 2011

Today’s OKL Madness!

I love old Ball jars as much as the next person, but it’s not exactly like they’re scarce! If you do a Google search for vintage Ball jars, there are over 2.29 million results. They’re pretty inexpensive, so when I saw these vintage Ball jars, offered by Russell Johnson on OKL, my jaw dropped.

You could get Russell’s three assorted Ball jars for $89, reduced from the retail price of $150.balljarsBut maybe you’d like this set of six for $199, reduced from $325!balljar3Or you could check out this Etsy seller who has three blue Ball jars for a mere $19.00 and do something else with the $70 you just saved.balljars2

Your call!


  1. toooo funny !! I just sent him an email that I would love to be a buyer for his company. Every flea market around my town sells the mason jars for less than $3 a jar. As well as other pieces in his collections !! Curious to see if I hear back from him !!

  2. There is a small business in my town that has barn sales once a month. When I attended the last sale I overheard one of the owners telling a customer that she wouldn't discount an item. She continued, 'as a matter of fact that piece along with others will be listed on our upcoming OKL sale for 50% more, so you might want to purchase it now". Never a big fan of OKL for that very reason.

  3. very expensive for molotov cocktails....

  4. And I am sure he gets his price...
    It seems crazy to me, but apparently people think things are "better" if they are more expensive.

    It always reminds me of the old story, The Emperor's New Clothes!

  5. Apparently it is a man named Thomas Tusser who is supposed to have said that thing about a fool and his money.

  6. Oh, yes--life is so bizarre. Thanks for the tip. Mary

  7. Sometimes (not always!) I think those guys over at OKL are living with their heads in the clouds and think the rest of us are as well.

  8. Meg too funny I mean REALLY!! I bet someone buys them though!

    I saw some recently made into kitchen light pendants and they turned out very cool!


    Art By Karena

  9. I really have enjoyed all your OKL Madness posts! I guess its true that there is a "sucker born every minute" or OKL would be out of business. Some of these curators need to get in touch with reality or the buyers do.

  10. My complaint is OKL, and similar on-line companies, provide no description/provenance of the item(s) to support whatever price is listed.

    It is frustrating, when you do make a purchase, to get a message telling you you have saved an inflated amount of money by making the purchase. Do people really believe this?

    We have lost our ability to engage in good business practices -- so much so that consumers don't know what a good basic business practice is; further their lack of knowledge provides little to demand businesses conduct themselves in an open and honest way.

    We are seeing the results of this type of ignorance and greed. It has led us to the disaster we are experiencing in our economy today.

    Thanks, Meg, for your basic, old fashioned good sense, and for keeping these pathetic practices in the open.

  11. OMG, do they have some provenance such as "once belonged to Lizzie Borden"!

  12. response to YONKS

    certainly something could have belonged to lizzie. . .
    i know you are being humourous -

    however, OKL has many items in all price ranges. descriptions for the inexpensive items as well as those for the items with steep prices include very little information and are often disappointing upon arrival.

    what is your experience??

  13. you have several kinds of jars in your photos. to say they are all the same is not a good thing. a blue jar is not always just a blue jar. the 189 does seem steep but to say all are worth 19 is bad too. the set of three is not the same jars as the expensive ones.

  14. I will take ETSY over OKL any day. ETSY vendors are the best people to deal with. I have never been disappointed.


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