October 9, 2011

New York: Part III

The other reason I was in NYC was to attend the launch for Jeffrey Bilhuber’s newest book, “The Way Home”. nyc 144 The launch was held at the amazing space of John Rosselli Antiques, and it was a lovely party. I had been to a party there last year for the launch of Alexa Hampton’s book, “The Language of Interior Design”. 

I got to the shop a few minutes early, so I had the chance to wander around before all of the other guests arrived. nyc 126 Each and every place I looked, there were gorgeous items to see. nyc 156 This display of oxblood vases was incredible. Just such a stunning colour. nyc 128 How could I do anything but fall in love with this reverse-painted pagoda on a mirror! nyc 122 Speaking of pagodas, these obelisks with pagodas engraved on their reverse were fabulous. nyc 149 There was a large one and a smaller one. nyc 143 I loved this charming fellow with his strands of coral beads. How elegant!nyc 134 This huge leather ottoman, with the center tray was such a great piece. It’s by BeeLine by Bunny Williams. Speaking of, I had a chance to say hi to her and thank her for including Pigtown*Design on her blog list.

I am always completely blown away by the massive cabinets filled with the best examples of blue-and-white jars and vases. nyc 146 This cabinet was probably 10+ feet tall and equally wide. nyc 152This was in the conference room. I loved the ginger jar with the two blue hurricane candles on either side. nyc 153 Just fabulous!

And speaking of fabulous… Oh! The food was truly fabulous!nyc 131 And beautiful.nyc 133 It’s hard to see, but this camel had a chinoiserie figure on its back holding an umbrella with a fruit display. So creative!

Funnily, I didn’t get a picture of Jeffrey Bilhuber signing books, because there was such a massive crowd surrounding him. But I did lift one from New York Social Diary.New York Social Diary Thanks so much to Jonathan for inviting me and graciously giving me a copy of the book. I haven’t finishing looking at, or reading it yet, because there’s just so much to see in every image!


  1. I can't decide if I really love or really hate the pagoda mirror! Mow tell me about the green urn in the next photo!

  2. I love New York with all the art, music and mseums but your offerings are just more than anything I can imagine. I'm sure I would need neck surgery after viewing the cabinets with the blue and white. I,too, admire the blue and white ginger jar with the blue

  3. Jealous, jealous,jealous. Love the images you shared! We were going to be in NYC this past week but had to cancel our trip. Maybe you would have let me tag along if we'd been there?

    Thought of you the other night when I took a look at One Kings Lane - not naming any names but my thought was "Oh my gosh, wait til Meg sees these prices!!" So insane for what they were selling.

  4. How fabulous that camel + everything. thank you for taking me along on the trip. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  5. Meg --

    You captured some great things! Glad you had a wonderful experience.


  6. I'm a experiencing a moment of jealousy (a positive emotion). What a great trip and the images of the John Rosselli store are fantastic --I want both of the obelisks and 1/2 of the blue&whites on display. Thanks. Mary

  7. You did a marvelous job capturing the beautiful showroom. I was so sorry to miss this event - looks like fun!!

  8. Incredibly stylish - you get invited to some great places!
    Di :-)


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