October 25, 2011

Northern Lights

I was distressed to find out that a rare sighting of aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights, occurred last night, and I missed them! Northern%20Lights%20Michigan%202011%20coverWhat is even more unusual is that the lights were red, an end-of-the-spectrum colour which is very rare. Northern%20Lights%20Michigan%202011%204Northern Lights are mainly from the other end of the light spectrum and are green and blue.Northern%20Lights%20Michigan%202011I’ve only seen the lights once. I was in Scotland and it was incredibly cold and very dark. aurora2A friend and I were out walking her dog late at night and we saw them. Funnily, when I think about seeing them, my memory includes some shimmery music, even though I know there was none.

None of these pictures are mine. I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a camera on a dog walk in the middle of the night in Scotland!


  1. OMG these are awesome. Born and reared in Florida. Now U know y OMG these are awesome.

  2. How could you miss it, I would be gutted too! This is quite high on my bucket list, to see the northern lights, maybe next year!

  3. Beautiful - I've never seen them, it's on my bucket list. Funny about that music of yours - in my memory of the exceptionally spectacular Perseid meteor shower about 10 years ago, I hear them fizzing and sizzling as they cross the sky, though I'm sure they didn't really.

  4. I wanted to congratulate for the Blog on Fire Award from Yonks....:)

  5. I lived in northern Ontario, Canada for almost 10 years and the northern lights were a regular occurrence. Amazing!


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