October 18, 2011

I’ll Take This… Flat in a Manor House (UPDATED)

I like nothing better than perusing the estate listings in the UK papers because I almost always find something I’d love to have for my own bolt-hole across the ocean.Ossemsley2 I found this three bedroom flat in a converted Edwardian estate house on the south coast of England. It would be an ideal get-away for weekends… if I still lived in London!Ossemsley3 Here’s the estate agent’s description:

Built in 1908, Ossemsley Manor is a fine example of classic Edwardian architecture with the Estate being in the original ownership until the late 1930's. In November 1937, the entire estate, encompassing the manor house and some 700 acres, was broken up and sold off by public auction. The manor has, during the intervening years, had a somewhat colourful history, particularly in the late 1950’s/1960’s when as a nightclub it was linked with the Profumo scandal! In 1982 the property was eventually converted into its current format, a total of nine individual apartments.Ossemsley6Constructed of pleasing mellow red brick incorporating a castellated facade with matching quoins and characteristic lead light secondary glazed mullioned windows, the property has the distinctive character and charm typical of its heyday.

This flat is on the second floor and encompasses the terrific leaded bay windows. It needs some serious re-decorating but it would be an amazing place!

Here’s the floor plan (which is always included in UK real estate listings!). The third bedroom’s pretty small, and only has one wee window, so I’d find another use for it.Ossemsley1What do you think about this place?  Would you take it?

Update: It’s only £350,000!


  1. You forgot to tell us the price!

  2. Yes, how much? Knowing that part of England probably way over-priced :-)

  3. I love it!! Since I would be living in England, I think that I could cope with a small third bedroom. Thanks and have a great trip to NYC. Mary

  4. That bay is dreamy. The small bedroom could be a moody, dark library like every Edwardian estate needs.

  5. I am sorry that the floor plan is not better. If it were in the U.S., the legal description would have to list it as a one bedroom. The main room with that great window would make up for a lot of shortcomings, however.

  6. Meg what a dream to live in a historical Manor like this!

    Art by Karena

  7. Sent this on to my client who lives in UK-I am in love with this! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  8. I adore it! It made me think of the Britcom, "Keeping Up Appearances." There was an episode in which Hyacinth went shopping for a country getaway and ended up buying a flat in a manor house. There was barely enough room to turn around, but she was seduced by a "posh" address. This place looks lovely...I'll be dreaming about those windows.

  9. Mary - I remember that episode - so funny!

  10. That price is certainly tempting for the property, but there would be some sort of maintenance/ management fee on top of that and I hat to think about what the property taxes would be. But I could dream, all the same!

  11. i love it too.

    bedroom 3 = walk-in closet!


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