October 21, 2011

Queen Victoria’s Bloomers

Just in case you’re interested, a pair of Queen Victoria’s bloomers are going up for auction next month. The bloomers, along with a nightgown and pairs of silk stockings, including a black pair topped with her monogram, which she wore following the death of Prince Albert, were part of the late Malcolm Forbers’ collection. The silk bloomers are expected to fetch £3,000.bloomersThe bloomers are kept tactfully in a bathroom cupboard so as not to embarrass Prince Charles when he visits Battersea House in London, which is also being sold.  The house is a listed William and Mary mansion designed by Sir Christopher Wren, with a garden overlooking the Thames opposite Chelsea.old-battersea-houseThe property, which may have been designed by Sir Christopher Wren, was bought and restored by Forbes in 1970 and is on sale separately with Savills for £12m.


  1. Poor Victoria! She would be mortified. Love the house though.

  2. Like minds! I had scheduled my post to be published this evening, so it is a complete coincidence that we have a bit of an overlap! Now when we show up at the same event wearing identical outfits, no one will be surprised(!)

  3. Do you have more photos of the house?

  4. http://residentialsearch.savills.co.uk/property-detail/291628/list/estate-agents/property-for-sale/clapham/0/0/16000000/hi/gbp/1

    The Savill's property listing has more photos!

  5. Would give my eye teeth to do this house. For the right person, that is.

  6. I'll pass on the bloomers thanks :-)


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