June 22, 2010

More Kindness from Strangers

I am continually awed by the kind things that complete strangers have done for me in the past, like here and here.  Another stellar example of this occurred today when I received a very heavy package in the mail, all bound with tape and with the always anticipated customs form on it.

A few weeks ago, when I had mentioned the French Ivory silver that my ex-housemate, Andy, had sent me, someone e-mailed me and asked whether I’d be interested in the collection that he had. 6-10 024He said that he’s at the age where he finds himself clearing out deceased relatives’ houses and is reluctant to throw things away. He wants them to go to someone who appreciates them.

Astonishingly, I got a package with 40+ pieces of assorted “silver” ranging from a tiny butter knife/spreader to three very large dessert spoons. Most of the pieces are marked “EPNS” which is electro-plated nickel silver, an early process of plating, made famous in Sheffield, England.

Here are a few stand-out pieces:6-22 032 These are pastry forks. The tine on the left is heavier than the rest to make it easier to cut through a pastry crust without damaging the other tines.

These spoons are from the old Odeon Theatres in the UK. This chain of theaters was started by Lord Braeburne, who was David Hicks’ brother-in-law and married to one of Lord Mountbatten’s daughters. I worked with his grand-daughter in Wales.

6-22 024

6-22 025

This piece gives me the chills. I am sure it’s all because I got a fish-hook caught in my foot as a child, and don’t like anything that’s barbed like this.  This is either a pickle fork, an olive fork or a cocktail fork. 6-22 027x This sweet little spoon looks like the King’s pattern. I have a set of Mappin & Webb knives and forks in this pattern. The tines on the forks that I received today, and in the Mappin set are sooo sharp and the knife blades are stainless steel!

6-22 015 6-22 017

To dear, sweet Roger, thank you so very much for a wonderful present!


  1. The kindness of strangers is always the best kind. These are beautiful beyond compare!

  2. Great things happen to wonderful people.

  3. Meg isn't this the best surprise of all!! I love that someone as thoughtful as you has been the recipient of a gift like this!

    Art by Karena

  4. Good karma...what goes around comes around!

    Love some of the specialty utensils...enjoy!

  5. Lovely - almost as lovely as this adorable purse I received yesterday from the Pigtown Design etsy shop.

  6. Yes...it's true: this could not have happened to a NICER person ANYWHERE! I am thrilled for you and proud of your benefactor! What a completely selfless gesture!
    Just further proof, Meg, that what you put out into this world comes back to you!! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful bounty.

  7. Kindness of strangers--so many wonderful gifts. Just waiting for that openness to receive. Thanks for sharing this story--makes my day.

  8. The Poseidon shaped fork is for sardines. You have the best of luck! I keep tripping over your shadow at De Bois, The Book Thing and the BSO Show house. We will meet one day. HKH

  9. Wow, what a friend! Lucky you. Thanks for showing the pastry forks--now I will know what those strange looking forks are to be used for when I see them.


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