June 17, 2010

It’s Ascot Time Again!

Unfortunately, our Ascot correspondent was not able to attend Royal Ascot today due to pressing matters in London, so I am on my own to find pictures.

The ever elegant Mrs. Edward Claridge always manages to have the most extraordinary hats. Here she is on opening day in an amazing delphinium hat so large she can barely be seen beneath it. ascot2

Day two is a towering creation in lovely pinks with a birdcage supporting it. Great jewels and very understated dress.  ascot1 Last year’s orbital hat ascot3 gets another outing this year.RACING Ascot 3 This yellow hat looked like it could launch off her head at any moment. It was designed by milliner David Shilling…Ascot4 who wore two of his own creations this year. Pheasants, and ascot2  cherries!ascot7 Finishing up, the classical good looks of Jasmine Guinness.RACING Ascot 8Just a little simple something!


  1. One thing I always noticed about London fashion was it's slightly eccentric whimsy--something we are sorely lacking in this country. Mrs. Edward Claridge is something right out of Cecil Beaton's imagination. Don't we all want to look that good at her age? Pizzazz.

  2. Isn't it great to have something special in the closet?

  3. Just fabulous and I love to see such a sense of joy and playfullness!

    Art by Karena

  4. I am amazed and laughing at the same time! The yellow one is just incredible, they are all works of art!

  5. Love the pheasant hat - he is very handsome.

  6. Mrs. Claridge: amazing lady!


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