June 9, 2010

Ups & Downs

Today was really a day of ups and downs. After hearing yesterday that the bank had rejected the offer for the house, and being despondent about that, I heard today that they’d resurrected it from the grave and presented a counter-offer. Because the timing is so essential on this, every single minute counts!layout for 1104I love the thoughts and suggestions that everyone is offering and each and every one is being carefully considered. Once again, I’ve tweaked the schematic and added a few items.  I am trying to work up an inventory of what I have and what I need. That’s a lot harder than I thought it would be!

Here are some pix of my current house.  Bedroom: keep the bed and two dressers. The new house has three windows!780bedroom Living room: keep the sofa and two ottomans (ottomen?) and a small chair. Slipcover sofa.780 Living ROom Figure out where to hang the Chinese silk painting. Book case (if not this one, another one) in the library/dining room.780 Living ROom.2jpgGuest room: keep bed, but make a day bed?  Even though most friends are polite enough to stay in hotels, I think that it’s good to have a spare bed at the house. 780guestroom2

Maybe use the barrister’s bookcase for fabrics? Where does the sweater collection go?  Use table in workroom.780guestroom1 I love this chest of drawers and mirror, so maybe in the library/dining room? But where?780 credenza Suggestions and all good wishes are welcome!


  1. Meg, cute, cute home. If you do the guest room you could do a day bed however coming out on the diagonal from the corner, I just think it is an interesting juxtsaposition!

    Art by Karena

  2. I'd say let all guests stay in motels and use every inch of this space for you! I'd use the second room for a workroom/library. Best of luck with the up from the grave offer.

  3. Meg, I love that silk screen and I love that sofa!!! You will make it all work and enjoy every second of it. Love seeing all your pretty things and how you have worked everything out.

  4. Fingers crossed and sending you good thoughts!

  5. What is it with bankers? They should welcome buyers with open arms!

  6. UGH! Bankers!
    I'm still drolling over having a library and workroom. Can't wait to see it all come together.
    Keeping you in my thoughts. It WILL work out! - Wendy (& Abbs)

  7. Sending good thoughts into the air for you today, I will also keep my fingers crossed for you as much as I can... hard to work & drive that way...hehehe
    I have been looking at your space planning, the livingroom works well to keep a hallway behind the sofa in a open the door to the room look.
    The master, I would put the bed headboard on the far wall and make the bed the focal point in the room then work out the pieces you need aka the dressers and how you are going to use them then distance them away from each other so there is not a long walking distance between, hope that made sense...
    Idea for the spare room, down the road or now if $ is ok, I would use a sleeper sofa... your single bed is a real nice one but it is still a bed, a sofa just looks more interesting in a walk past the room space plan...
    Hugs that the bankers work it out... Love to you under this stressful time (been there a few times)
    Regards, Carol Ann x
    PS email me anytime for space planning help...

  8. Many a time have I pondered if the plural of ottoman is ottomans or ottomen! Neither sounds correct - so a pair of ottoman is what I say.

  9. Definitely sending good wishes for you. I once stayed in a guest room that was a library with a daybed tucked under the window. It was tight but charming and I loved sleeping with all those books.

  10. The laundry/loo room could be reworked to give total privacy to the loo if in future you can move the toilet to the wall on the right. If you're interested I can give you more details?

  11. Well I'm drooling over the giant bouquet of flowers on the wall!
    Who did that?

  12. Hi Meg!

    I am so happy for you! And keeping fingers and toes crossed. What fun to be planning for a new home. I have a couple of suggestions for you...
    Living Room...try the sofa back against the stairs and sofa table against the big blank wall opposite the fireplace with a large mirror above (space expanding!) Lounge chair good as is. Ottomans could be used as coffee tables with trays (also a place to kick up your feet!) This way, it will feel bigger and you will be able to walk right into the seating area.
    Master Bedroom - I agree with another comment...bed against the wall adjacent to the stair. Dressers on either side to double as nightstands. You will have tons of room left over for a bench/settee at the end of the bed and perhaps an armoire (with TV) along that big blank wall that conects the Master with the Work Room.

    You will have so much space!! I hope you get it. :)

  13. Hopeing this works out, have you thought about putting the bed on the wall to the left of the windows and the dressers next two each other on the opposite wall of the bed and the all to the right of the windows.

    I think when you walk into the room from the top of the stairs, you have the wall of windows, the bed as a focal point to your left and it's balanced by the dressers to your right.


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