June 13, 2010

Flowers on Sunday: Manuel Canovas Canvas

A few posts ago, I showed an image of my guest room/work room at my current house. Hanging on the wall is a large canvas of flowers in a vase. 780guestroom1

A few people have commented or e-mailed me about it, so I thought  more  readers might want to know what it is. So, I am featuring it as my Flowers on Sunday piece, since it’s full of flowers.

When I moved back to Baltimore from Wales, I had nothing – no house, no car, no job and no furniture. And I mean NOTHING!  So I spent the first couple of months living in my parents’ empty house and then found the house I’ve been renting in Pigtown. You can read about it at the late, lamented blog, “More Ways to Waste Time”. peonies 026I spent months searching for pieces for the house in little second-hand furniture shops, at yard sales, in antiques stores and pretty much anywhere I thought I’d find something interesting. I am not the type of person to go to a furniture store and buy everything. I like to hunt for things.

The local arts district has a monthly flea market called Load of Fun, and it was there that I found some yardages of Manuel Canovas fabrics. One was this great yellow print of a Chinese ginger jar vase with billowy, blousy peonies.

peonies 024 peonies 029

The other piece was a blue and white print with bamboo caning and Chinese figures on it.   peonies 027I measured the yellow piece out to a length of about 36 x 36 inches and then added a few inches to either side. I went to the art supply store and bought four stretchers and put them together to make a big square. I then stapled the fabric to each side, pulling as I stapled.


  1. I recognized the Canovas fabric from your last posting and have always loved his textile designs. I sold the line over twenty years ago and remember being told that his father was a botanical artist and he had inherited his artistic talent. The other thing I loved was Canovas' sense of color; even his whites were inspired by sands he collected from all over the world.

  2. Meg, you are a genius. I love all the colors in the fabric.

  3. I knew it and I love it!! Stunning and now what about the blue & white fabric? Did you do the same?

    Art by Karena

  4. It looks great! And I love the blog "More Ways to Waste Time". Unfortunately, it sounds more like a fitting title for my husband's blog. (If he had one that is. He's too busy wasting time on other things to start one!)

  5. Love it! And your multi-purpose space!!!

  6. Such a great idea. Fabric is a great way to cover a bulletin board too. LOVE the fabrics you chose!

  7. Incredibly great idea. With DeBois at your back, you can change out your wall hangings seasonally. Super great idea.

    (and treasure hunting--it's THE BEST!)

  8. love canavos...have been looking for an old shawl made by him 15-20 years ago...anyone have any ideas? smoorefrance@hotmail.com many thanks


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