June 14, 2010

Win the Pennant!

In honour of Flag Day, June 14th, I am giving away a set of my pennant flags to the person who Connor and I think has the best idea for displaying them.  I found a terrific fabric at my favourite textile house, DeBois, which is covered in a print of signal flags, and I’ve made it into pennants for a porch, deck or any railing. flags 001

Here are the signal flag pennants flapping over Baltimore’s Inner Harbour, from the fifth floor deck at my friend Kit’s house. Pix are bad because it was a “drive by shooting”, meaning I slowed the car, stuck the camera out the sunroof and snapped away!flags 003Here’s a closer look at them. You can see the patterns of the flags, which are red, yellow and navy on a white ground.  The winner will receive a string of 20 flags, which is about 12 feet of flags. flags 004Just leave a comment, or send me an e-mail if you receive Pigtown*Design via e-mail, and Connor and I will make the selection on Friday, June 18th. I will mail the flags directly, so you will have them in time for the 4th of July weekend holiday.


  1. Meg, how great!
    They will be strung right across my deck and down the sides for all to see!!

    Art by Karena

  2. I had my flag out today!

    I'd be tempted to hang the pennants from tree to tree in the garden. Wouldn't they frame a seating group quite well?

    Can't wait to see what other textile treasures you dig up at DeBois!

  3. Beautiful!
    I was thinking of redoing my bath room - plain solid colored shower curtain with the flags lined across the top as an accent piece!

  4. Gorgeous! I would love to adorn our Fed Hill deck with your flags, we live in the perfect location to showcase the beauties and our American Spirit!
    Our house sits right on the Henry Street Dog park, so not only will we and our two dogs, Riley and Hershey enjoy them, but all of the doggies and neighbors will be able to enjoy the festive patriotism. Plus, they will also show our support for our USA World Cup Soccer Team! Keep sewing, all of the neighbors are going to ask where they can get theirs!

  5. Great idea--can't believe that you found the perfect pattern.

  6. From my friend Bonnie...

    I love the idea of displaying them in some fashion. Our humble home has a charming covered porch which I decorate for different seasons or occasions. On one of my forages at some antique and some eclectic little shops I purchased this worn and obviously primitively constructed wire and wood sailboat which I have hung on the door in past years. Rob loves anything nautical so I can imagine how great the pennant flags would look stretched under the porch roof with the pots of red, white, and blue flowers where they will intermingle with the flapping of the flags! YEP...that's the plan for July/August!

  7. I just wanted to say that I'm excited that there's another Kit in Baltimore!

  8. Love your blog! Met you at Debois- I was there with my Mom...
    I would love the pennants- I live in Catonsville which LIVES for the 4th...I would proudly display- my neighbors would be so jealous!!!

    Take care,


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